Why are they here?

I have a guess . . .



  1. Two things struck me about the responses. I couldn’t find any mention of Christ. The Catholic Church is not a thing separate from Christ. It is his Body. Also, and maybe connected to the first was the attitude seemed to be one of consumerism. It felt as if they were discussing resturants or supermarkets rather than church.

    The bottom line is ‘Where does Christ call me to be?’ Not where can I find a priest who says the things I want to hear. Where do these women need to be to draw closer to God. In a church that suits them or in a church that focuses on Christ. It is a ‘who’ not a ‘what’ that is important.

    However I did learn something. I didn’t know what the first amendment was so I looked it up and I do now!

  2. Long-time reader, first-time commenter. 😉 Love, love, love this article! It’s something I’ve been scratching my head about lately as well, for many reasons. As a single woman whose friends are starting to get married, I finally caved and tried a Catholic dating site. It amazes me how many Catholic men out there who, like the “Catholic jezzies,” pick and choose which teachings of the Church they will submit to (give ya two guesses which ones hit the top of the list… one rhymes with “misconception” and the other with “pre-digital hex”). Thank you for the reminder that we are all children in Christ’s eyes, and while some of us more blessed than others in our level of catechism, we’re all here for the same reason: To be close to Christ through the Eucharist.

  3. This was an interesting post and for me, it brings up a question I often wonder when reading the NC Register posts. Is everyone but me in complete agreement with the Church on all issues? I feel that I am a faithful Catholic- attend Mass, pray regularly, try to follow the Church in all things. But I fall short on this with one issue- I do disagree about the Church’s stance on homosexuality and gay marriage. My beloved sister is a lesbian, is married (in her state and in the Episcopalian church) to her partner of 15 years. They have 2 beautiful children. I have prayed over this issue, talked to my priest, talked to my husband, read extensively. I know intellectually that what I feel goes against Church teaching. But I cannot/ do not look at what my sister is doing as wrong. I’m happy she found someone she loves to spend her life with. I love her children, and I’m so happy that they exist. My sister and her partner are raising them wonderfully.

    I attend a parish in Southern California that is very liberal- I never hear sermons admonish people like my sister, so it is something I never really confront unless I come online to read blogs like Simcha’s and other NC Register writers. I am conservative on every other issue, so I do read a lot of traditional Catholic content. I don’t really expect anyone else to agree, but it does leave me in a very weird place. So, in a way, I could understand where some of those posters on Jezebel are coming from. Sometimes conservative Catholic bloggers will talk about how they struggled with a Church teaching, but the post always ends with how they changed, and saw the light, and saw the truth and beauty in the Church’s teachings. But what are you supposed to do when that doesn’t happen?

    • This is an interesting question, Kristin, and I’m glad you brought it up! I hope you don’t mind if I base tomorrow’s post on it, and quote you (without your name) – -it’s much more interesting than what I had planned to write about.

      • My goodness- you run an efficient operation! I pose a question in the evening, and by the next morning you have written and published a column about it!

        But seriously, thank you so much for your thoughtful words, and also posting it on the NC Register. The comments have been so understanding, and people have lots of good ideas/encouragement.

        You really hit the nail on the head with this “First, to continue to ask Him for enlightenment. This can sometimes be the very hardest part, because we often don’t actually want to be enlightened. We’re afraid that it will be the SCARY kind of englightenment, and it’s very hard to ask for it.” This is exactly where I am & what I need to work on. Thanks again & God bless.

        • Well, you could call it efficient, or you could call it desperate! I was working on two other posts, both deathly dull. I was afraid you wouldn’t be happy to see your words on the page when I didn’t give you much chance to object, so I’m glad it worked out! Thank you.

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