1. The trouble with Lent in this part of the world is that it coincides with the Bon Chrietian pear tree loaded with ripe fruit & the vine sagging with bunches of yummy grapes – & we’re expected to forgo these pleasures? No don’t tell me to preserve the pears or make wine – I haven’t time – and besides I’ll be 70 in four months so technically I have no need to fast but I will (from some stuff) & I will try to attend daily Mass.

  2. That made me giggle. One of my fellow graduate students (and one of the only other Catholics in my department) was sitting next to me during a seminar today. Based on her totally nonsense blabbering after she dropped a pencil, I guessed (correctly) that she’d given up swearing for Lent.

  3. @Stephen, I remember when I was teaching grade school (Catholic) and the lunch ladies accidentally made a meat dish one Friday during Lent. The children were stricken. In walked our priest who said, “Children! Giving up meat is very good but wasting food is not! Eat your lunch!”

    I think you have to follow this advice, too!

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