Keep coming back to it

Have I mentioned that our washing machine broke last week?  We finally got a new one yesterday.  There sure is a lot of laundry to do.  It seems like there’s a funny or harrowing story there, but really all that happened was that we went to Home Depot and bought a new washing machine.  The kids were pretty good.  Now we’re getting caught up on laundry.

Speaking of dirty laundry, here’s my post for today.


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  1. I found this quote from Orthodox theologian, Alexander Schmemann helpful.

    “For the way to the Kingdom is the martyria- bearing witness to Christ. And this means crucifixion and suffering. A marriage which does not constantly crucify its own selfishness and self-sufficiency, which does not ‘die to itself’ that it may point beyond itself, is not a Christian marriage.”

    I found this helpful because I realised that marriage is hard because it contains two fallen human beings who have their own sin to deal with. Dying to self is hard enough for me alone, without dealing with my husband’s need to die to self as well! And yet this difficulty is part of the gift that God has given husband and wife. The way to joy is via the cross. I wonder whether part of the reason older couples re-discover each other is that, apart from being less taken up with raising the children, they have also walked further down the road and therefore have been transformed by the Holy Spirit in ways they cannot see. As Schmemann goes on to say there are three people in a Christian marriage, God being the third.

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