Fight globally, be at peace locally

Yes, it’s Obama’s fault that you’re been so crabby lately, but I still think you need to rein it in a little.

Also, not that this is really related:



  1. I’m so upset about this HHS thing I can hardly sleep at night. Free contraceptives will increase demand for abortion, increase illegitimacy and child abuse, and further the spread of disease.

  2. It must be all of 60 years since I remember being taken to that film by my elder brothers. Marx brothers – sooo funny. In those days (early 1950s) this country (New Zealand) was awash with war surplus stuff – especially GI infantry helmets & all our games involved trying not to be Japs or Germans or Red Indians because hey they were always on the losing end. I’m going to have to rent that DVD as soon as the local art house library gets itself organized after fifteen months of earthquakes – never realized just how satirical it was.

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