Mama’s Day: The Soundtrack

I kept hoping that if I kept writing, this post would turn out to be about something.  Alas.

Still, let’s see ’em make a canoe out of me now!*

*This is such an insider joke that I’m not even sure I get it myself.  I just realized that I’ve fallen into the habit of poking my posts all over with a fork before anyone has a chance to comment.



  1. That was exactly the post I needed – despite my girls loving a remarkably wide range of music, the list has gotten a little stale. I asked my friends on Facebook the other day to all tell me the first CD they ever purchased for themselves, and that list, paired with this one, will be the inspiration for my next batch of musical pursuits – thanks!

  2. I posted over the the NCR the song that runs through my head when I’ve had it with my parental duties (Dejame en paz), but I just wanted to add that my iPod shuffle function once followed Beastie Boys’ “So Whatcha Want?” with Bert singing “I Wanna Hold Your Ear.”

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