In Training

For what?  I think I may also have inadvertently insulted the National Guard, which seems like a good way to start the week.

In other news:  I’m horribly behind schedule today, but I will be announcing the winner for the book giveaway later today!  I see now that I said the contest would be open until Monday the 5th.  Since Monday was the 6th, I think it only fair that the next contest will be held on June 43rd, but I may reconsider.



  1. Well, NCR thinks my comment might be spam LOL!
    Another great post, Simcha! I haaaate traditional exercise. I am currently watching my incredible husband prepare to join the Navy, at 30 years old, no less. He has to lose 65 pounds, and a certain percentage of body fat. He, also, needs to be able to do all the exercises in the amounts and time alotted, ie: curl-ups, running a mile, etc. He has not had a job in almost two years, has his MA, applied for over nineteen thousand jobs, etc, etc, etc. The Navy is our best option at this point, so he can be the husband and father his vocation calls him to. We want more kiddies but have more than financial reasons for postponing. I sometimes wish birth control was easier…hahahaha! NFP is great but not simple, esp when breastfeeding, up all hours of the night, etc-but then, you dear Simcha know all about that 🙂

    Is my husband training for training’s sake? No. This is an enormous sacrifice on his part. He has also drastically changed his eating habits and food to get the weight off. What my husband IS training for, is to continue in his vocation as husband and father.

    My training is and seems to be a bit baptism by fire. First-time mother. Training to let go of what others think about me, our family, etc. Oh, yes, some are well-meaning, but, I have one teacher, Jesus. Is it tough to accept that the baby weight is still there after a year? Um, yes. Could I do something about it? Sure, but at what cost to my family? Do I serve God or mammon? My vocation is wife and mother. I know full well I need to be healthy to live out my vocation to it’s fullest-I mean, need to live a healthy lifestyle. Still, I know God does not think I am so terrible for having this body of mine. God sees so much more than we finite humans ever will. I am doing what I can under the circumstances. One thing I do, is read Simcha’s writings. A sense of humor, not taking everything so seriously, looking for the good instead of negative in life and plenty of endorphins never hurt anyone 🙂 Sending prayers to you, Simcha. I hope little Benedicta is well 🙂

  2. I loved this post, and will share it with my husband, who trained for and completed his first marathon last year at age 42. I am so proud of him, and his purpose — he did it as a fundraiser so we can adopt our 4th child. It was a profound experience in training, and in being blessed to the point of tears over and over again as people (sometimes even people we’d never met) donate to save one little girl from a lonely, family-less future.

    Now me, I do strength & resistance training 2-3 times a week, but for a less noble motive: I have a whole boatload of back problems, and staying strong is the only thing that stops me from being in pain on a regular basis. Sigh. I am *so* not an athlete . . . but it’s also a good metaphor for staying consistent in my prayer life.

  3. Either NCR won’t let me comment, or it is the 5th time in a row that I get the captcha code wrong… anyway, I just wanted to tell you that you make a really good point in your article

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