Why I’m donating to Susan G. Komen – UPDATED

UPDATED:  Komen almost instantly caved in to pressure, and will reinstate funding to Planned Parenthood.  Well, that was the worst ten dollars I ever spent.

This morning’s post, before the announcement:
It ain’t because my I thought my dental floss looked better in Pepto pink.



  1. I’ve always been bothered by the tons of attention devoted to breast cancer, when fully 50% of women are killed each year by something else — heart disease. Not sure why the #1 killer gets upstaged all the time by something that kills so many fewer women.

    But I appreciate the point you’re making — money talks, and we ought to be purposeful about rewarding the move away from Planned Parenthood.

  2. Great blog post. Disappointing reversal. At least YOU’RE only out $10. I got excited and donated $50 to REALLY show them my support. Sigh. Oh well—I guess it’s a parting gift.

  3. Demand your money back, since it was donated under false pretenses. Don’t know if it will do any good, but you can try. At least everyone now knows that Komen is in cahoots with PP. No one can claim ignorance anymore!

  4. I donated $25 to Komen yesterday, and I know I wont be seeing it again. The pressure of politics is caving in on me today, and I think I will take a walk in the neighborhood to clear my head. It is sunny and windy and cold. My heart aches from the weight of the world, I am glad it is first Friday, I need to go to Mass. I need to offer this up and remember that this war is not mine alone. I need to remember to pray more and think less.

    • Kate, I was feeling pretty stressed out and down about the mandate and this the other day. I was thinking, “why do these people think we are evil people who are trying to control their bodies? Why do they think we are brainwashed by the magisterium and we don’t care about women?” Well, then I went to my faith study concerned Fr. Robert Barron’s Catholicism DVD series. I found online what he said that so deeply touched and encouraged me this week: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vKqyqa6HzvM

  5. I know there are ways to get your donations back. If it was important to donate to show support for their original decision, then it seems even more important not support their cowardice.

  6. Uhh, jen, you’re joking, right? Because that’s what the administration put out on January 20, which we’re all complaining about. Because while CHURCHES have the exemption (because they serve people of the faith), organizations affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church (schools, charities, hospitals) aren’t covered (because they serve a population that isn’t made up of a majority of Catholics). It even SAYS that in that statement: “Other religious organizations, including those that employ people of different faiths, can qualify for a one-year transition period as they prepare to comply with the new law.” Employers would also have to cover ella, which is a morning after pill drug. http://www.drugs.com/ella.html While “no individual health care provider will be forced to prescribe contraception” and “no individual will be forced to buy or use contraception,” if an individual chooses to use to the contraception, the employer will be forced to pay for it!!! So if you were joking, that’s fine, but if you weren’t, jeez, educate yourself! This is what we are talking about! We’re not upset about NOTHING. No disrespect, but knowledge is power. Oh, of course I see that the US Catholic Bishops just rebutted this EXACT White House blog post in a much more efficient and thorough way than I did: http://usccb.org/news/2012/12-020.cfm

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