Book giveaway #1! – CONTEST CLOSED!

Have I told you lately that THE BOOK IS ALMOST HERE?  Style, Sex, and Substance will be released on March 2!

I wrote the chapter on motherhood, and I would like to give away two copies signed by all ten writers.

How, you ask, can you score one of these free books, edited by Hallie Lord, published by Our Sunday Visitor, and written and autographed by ten very fine Catholic women writers?  Easy peasy.  First let’s read the description of the book:

Here is a fresh look at life from the perspective of ten Catholic women who live in the spotlight of the Internet, ten bloggers who keep it real every day with their personal posts relating their triumphs, trials, and temptations for all to see.

In the same way, nothing is off limits in Style, Sex, & Substance. Each of these women brings a refreshingly open and humorous perspective to growing in faith and improving their relationship with Christ.

Enjoy real stories, real struggles, and best of all, real faith and trust that God will bring out the best in all circumstances whether in the family room, the bedroom, or at work.

So I says to myself, I says, who needs a book like this?  If there’s one thing that modern Americans understand, it’s what it means to be a woman.
Well, maybe not.  I know I’ve come across some dumb ideas about womanhood in my time.  Like the time when I was a pregnant, breastfeeding, homeschooling, stay-at-home mother of seven.  If my life were any more feminine, a backward cult in Mesopotamia would be sacrificing young goats in my honor.  And yet it was a this point in my life when someone said, “Mrs. Fisher is obviously the kind of woman who rejects her own femininity.”  How did he know?  Because I *sigh* *sigh* *sighhhhhhhhh* usually wear pants, not skirts or dresses.
So,  yeah, there’s a need for this book.  To let people know what real women really think about what it really means to be a real woman.  I haven’t seen all the titles to the chapters yet, but I can tell you who wrote them and the subject matter.  Besides my chapter on motherhood, Style, Sex, and Substance includes:

Jennifer Fulwiler on “Who is the modern Catholic woman?”

Karen Edmisten on the spiritual life

Rachel Balducci on friendship

Annie Mitchell on the single life

Rebecca Teti on work

Hallie Lord on style, beauty and balance

Betty Duffy on sex

Danielle Bean on marriage

Barbara Nicolosi on engaging the culture

and Simcha Fisher on four hours of sleep and a steady diet of Little Debbie Cosmic Brownies and beer.  I also wrote the chapter on motherhood.

Anyway, you were asking how you can get a copy of this wonderful book?  You can either pre-order it, or you can leave a comment at the end of this post and maybe win Style, Sex, and Substance autographed by all ten authors.  I was gonna make you tell a funny story, or write the best or the worst definition of womanhood you’ve ever heard, but nertz to that – we’re all tired.  Just say “me me me” or something in the comments, and you’re entered.  Because I wuv you.


(But please DO NOT EMAIL YOUR ENTRY TO ME.   Emailed entries will not make it into the drawing!)  I’ll leave the comments open for two weeks, and then I’ll announce the winner, who will receive a free, autographed copy as soon as it’s released in March!  Yay!  And we’ll do another contest in a month or so.
Remember:  the deadline is Monday, February 5.
Don’t forget, you can pre-order the book.  Why leave it to fate?  I really think you should pre-order the book.  Again:  yay!  And spread the word!


  1. Me! Me! Me! Double Me! I have 10 kids, need more style, definitely more sex and all I have for substance is yodels.

  2. And in an act of extreme selflessness I will share this on FACEBOOK even if it reduces my chances of winning.
    And let me say again: you should pick me. Because I spelled my own name wrong and I clearly need help.

  3. My Wife! My Wife! My Wife! Because we just got through our first month of NFP and she would really enjoy a book like this. She (and I) still have a lot to learn about our re-found faith.

  4. I don’t have any kids but I have 6 godchildren…living the swinging single life (not) of a Catholic woman in her mid thirties still hoping to join the married club!! Does this count!!?

  5. I swear if I was more than two minutes out of bed, I’d be wittier (more witty?) but I’ll just go with the suggested me me ME!!

  6. ME!!! COMMENTS!!! Seriously I would love to have this…I’m tired of being sold a “Catholicized” version of Protestant “Biblical womanhood” which often involves denim jumpers!

  7. I pre-ordered the book in November, but I’m sure I’ll love it so much that I’ll want to share it right away. Please send me a free copy so I can have my book and share it, too.

  8. I put this book on my Christmas list, thinking it was already out. My poor husband went all over trying to find it (including going to a Catholic book store, giving them the name of the book, and being asked, “are you *sure* this is a Catholic book?” What I got for Christmas was a printout of the book cover, with a note that said, “this doesn’t come out until March.” So yeah.

  9. Ooooh! Me, me, please! The book is already at the top of my Amazon cart, BUT the autographs really tip the balance, you know. And that free business. Thanks for the chance!

  10. I’d love to win this book to take my mind off of the 49ers loss last night. My husband got me into football and converted me to a Niners fan (my Dad’s a Giants fan). Football losses are so crushing!

  11. Oh, I just loved the “Because I wuv you,” part! Please, please, enter me into the contest! Thanks! Though I am still waiting for your book! I would buy several of YOUR books to give to all my Catholic lady friends!

  12. Oh speaking of books! I wanted to tell you Simcha, that a friend of mine, who also happens to be a Catholic author, put me in her book. She just used first names when interviewing Catholic moms, so I’m the “Sue” in her book:
    Embracing Motherhood by Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle. I’m in the chapter on parenting like a single parent (because my spouse is not Catholic, so it’s like raising the kids in the Faith with just one parent). Basically, she interviewed me and put 3 pages worth of my quotes in it. It was the coolest thing ever for someone like me, the un-famous, non-blogger.. LOL!

  13. Don’t beat yourself up over the cosmic brownies…I’m pretty sure there’s some sort of addictive substance in those chocolatey, plasticky, cosmic wonders. Like moon dust or something. I think I’ll eat a dozen or so right now 🙂

  14. Of course, after reading Christy C. response (having her husband looking all over for it), I think she ought to get it! She definitely deserves it now!

  15. Oh man, not only do I want this, but I’m glad that I don’t have to think too hard to enter. Me eat yogurt. Me find coffee. Me win book.

  16. Oh, this is totally off topic but every time this year I think of Mardi Gras. We used to live in New Orleans and my husband would eat those king cakes every day at work (because people would take turns bringing them in). I also know the Carmelite Sisters (Discalced) in NY and one of the sisters was from New Orleans too. So this time of year reminds me of king cakes. Given that the significance of the king cake (and baby inside) are Catholic, it’s fun to give away as gifts too (though they are expensive). The place I like to get them from is Haydel’s Bakery. I think they have the best price given the extra goodies they put in them. Just thought I’d share that fun stuff with you, as I glance over their yummy website and lick my chops. 🙂

  17. I’d love to have a copy of this book, so that I have something good to read after my ninth baby is born in March. (You know how newborns always seem to nurse 50 minutes out of every hour?)

  18. Me, me, me,. Besides, I know two out of ten authors, personally. (And the other author hasn’t offered a free book, yet.)

  19. ME! I Would love to read this book. After my ever so crabby weekend I think I need a fresh look at what it means to be a woman.

  20. Me! Me! Me! Although, I too am an international reader, so I don’t know whether I count.
    I think I should have this book because:
    1) I am a new Catholic
    2) I am new to being a stay at home mum. (Because I have worked lots not because I have new children.)
    3) I am trying to write a sex education programme to use at home for my eldest to balance out what our government thinks in sex education and I need lots of help.

    Also I wear trousers, drink real ale by the pint, eat strong cheese and am aware people don’t see this as very feminine. Maybe I could learn something.

    Being British I found it really difficult doing this as we are not used to doing this me, me, me thing. More: No, please after you. No I couldn’t really, you go. And really, I’m sure that sending all the way over here would be a huge inconvenience and I would hate to put you out. But I did smirk at the word ‘pants’ because here it means knickers or um… what what word do you use? Panties?

  21. Would love to read it. Love your parents too. Penny from Ontario, Canada I have 14 children!!! Coo Coo and still think of myslef as feminine–maybe the marbles are a little scrambled. 3birth kids and 11 adopted.

  22. Mi, mi, mi! (I’m in Miami). Congrats on the book!
    ps — what’s with these wacky alien avatars?

  23. Me me me please! I will add a story of a poor definition of womanhood. I am currently a SAHM for my 1 yr old daughter, but before she was born I was working in the typical corporate office scene. When a co-worker asked me if I planned to get my Master’s degree and climb the corporate ladder I said no, because my hope was to have children and stay at home to raise them, so the whole office work gig was just temporary. This co-worker became very angry with me and told me I was closed minded and a complete insult to females every where (EVERY WHERE mind you…) and that I was living in the 1950’s with such outrageous ideas. She said I was an abomination, taking women back to the stone age with thoughts and goals like that and how dare I even think that way. I laughed.

  24. In the inimitable style of my 21 month old spit-fire: “I TOO WANT! I TOO! I TOO!” ad infinitum . . .

    But I will recover some semblance decent behavior and add a “please.”

    Thanks, Simcha – you know we wuv you, too.

  25. Me! Also, here’s my favorite silly story about being a Catholic mommy.

    Last year we gave my almost three year old son a plastic nativity set in Advent. He and his one year old brother enjoyed playing with it, and I gave myself numerous pats on the back for my excellent catechesis of young minds, even though my boys somehow got the idea that zoo animals and cars were appropriate denizens of the stable. But, whatever! until the day I had the following interaction with my one year old.

    Mommy: C., what do you have in your mouth?
    Son: (mutely fishes a plastic baby/choking hazzard out of his mouth and smiles)
    Mommy: Oh no! C., we do not put Baby Jesus in our mouths! I mean, we do, but … not the plastic one!

    What is a mommy to do?

  26. Me me me! I don’t pre-order books because I can never be sure I’ll actually have enough money for them when I’m automatically billed.

  27. Pick me Pick me!! 😉 Am a wife and Mom to 3 boys ages 7, 4, and 2 and a 1 year old girl. Baby number 5 is due in a couple weeks. I REALLY REALLY NEED this book;) oh yeah I home school too.

  28. I would love to have a copy of this book!

    Also, thanks so much for not having us come up with a clever/cute story in order to enter. You’re truly kind.

  29. My house needs more books like it needs a gaping hole in the floor…..but hey….the kids claim we need a secret way to the basement, and I need this book! 🙂

  30. I’d love to win this book and am completely relieved that I don’t have to tell you a story to enter the contest, because I haven’t had enough coffee yet to come up with a good one.

  31. Pick me, pick me!

    I’m pregnant with my first child (due in July), I spend most of my time when I’m not working at my full-time job barefoot (and pregnant) in the kitchen, and my husband would love it if I thought more about sex right now.

    Plus, I’m totally terrified of this whole “motherhood” thing, and I have a feeling with a lineup of writers like this, perhaps the Holy Spirit will grant me with the inspiration that I can do this. 🙂

  32. Me, me, me! 5 y-o threw up all night, every 20 min, 2 y-o stayed awake just to keep us all company, and I’m 38 weeks pregnant today – so I think I need that chapter on beer and brownies and tiredness…
    Oh, and now that they’re sitting watching Looney Tunes since that’s all anyone feels like doing, that same 2 y-o wants to know if we can go to the store and buy some dynamite “since we don’t have any here.”

  33. Blog contests are the one place in which I have had good luck in the past, so let’s see if my streak continues. Plus, I would LOVE to read this book. Please enter me. Thanks!

  34. I am breaking my “no commenting” rule because of the lure of something FREE! I want it. I need it. Pick me! (pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaase)

  35. pick me, pick me! i’d love to insert a witty comment here, but my 7 month pregnant brain is broken and i’m pretty sure the 2 year old is drinking out of the toilet again….

  36. Please, please me!! I’m one step away from being called up on What Not to Wear, and I don’t want the hosts talking about my ta-tas (or lack there of after breastfeeding four babies) on national television.

  37. ME ME ME please! I’ve never won anything plus I’m potty training my youngest and I just stepped in poop!

  38. Please include me! I’m having my first baby soon – I could use to read a chapter by Simcha on motherhood 🙂

  39. Simcha – I would please love an autographed copy for one of my three daughters: Christina is married and has an adorable toddler and another on the way – Jennie is graduating from college in May and her boyfriend asked me for her grandmother’s ring this past August (although he hasn’t proposed yet) – and Stephanie graduated last year, is working with the Dominican Volunteers for a year and has found a wonderful young man who will be baptized and confirmed come Easter (he hasn’t asked me for her great-great grandmother’s ring yet)….I would love to read your book – so I can order my own – but I truly think that any one of my girls would appreciate an autographed copy – they are all beautiful Catholics – living their faith…. thanks!

  40. You have no idea how many of us wuv your blog! This is my first post here (yes, I’m a lurker…) and I’d love to have the autographed copy of the book!

  41. Me! Because I am already going to need to spend most of my tax refund buying copies as presents for all the other women in my life!

  42. I enter these things ALL the time, and I never win… but I still have hope. I’m really hoping that I will win this the day after the Giants win the Superbowl. And I realize that i could probably write any sort of ridiculousness in this box and no one would probably read it… so I’d like to report that my 3 month old is a master pooper. Yup. And I really want to read this book 🙂

  43. It would be way easier to read this book while nursing than trying to balance my laptop on the arm of my chair so I can read your wonderful writing. 🙂

  44. Simcha! Heehee! Would love the book. TIRED, SO TIRED. Blah, blah, blah, me, me, me, wuv u 2 😉

  45. Fine, I’ll buy it. There are too many people more adorable above. It’s been ages since I stepped in poop, and I actually didn’t have to feed anybody in the night, and I’m not pregnant (I think) either. I did get a Ninja kick to the face from my two-year-old at 3 am though. How on earth will you choose? So many worthy recipients. I think you should cough up at least five more. And yes, you’re a marketing genius too. Kiss Benny for me

  46. Me, me, me! Because I refuse to believe that skirts which blow to contour legs are more modest than pants which actually fit appropriately and DON’T show every single inch of my legs. (Also, significantly easier to hem to my short height. Hemming skirts doesn’t happen in my time frame.)

  47. Oh my gosh, please please please please please please me me me me me me me!!!!

    I begged for this preorder for Christmas and didn’t score it. :/

    Please oh please oh please…….

  48. Me! A big fan of yours in Henderson (Las Vegas) Nevada. Nearly teary-eyed with joy about the subject of this book. One way or the other (winning or buying) I will read this book and encourage others to do the same. 🙂

  49. Yeah, I’m too tired and sick at the moment to come up with something funny, so…

    Me, Me,Me!

    Just this past week, I had no less than two people tell me to stop apologizing for “being a girl”. I don’t know why I have this compulsion to apologize for my girlyness any time I admit to likeing something girly…but I do. And they keey telling me to stop. So yeah, I could benefit from reading this book.

  50. I’d love a copy, please enter me! I’m a working mom to an only child who goes to Montessori school and performs in theater and ballet. Because of our family size and activities I often feel excluded from Catholic motherhood/womanhood (even though we attend church every Sunday, enroll our daughter in PSR, read and discuss the faith at home, etc.) because I don’t “fit the mold.” Thanks! 🙂

  51. Well, in addition to being too tired to tell a story or give a definition, I’m also too tired to be original…Me! Me! Me! 🙂

  52. Me please. (ooh that sounds so selfish to me, but hey, it’ll be my birthday present to me — me please!)

  53. I’d love to win but I’m also gonna buy to share with my sisters. (and maybe get them each a box of little debbie’s brownies and a six pack too)

  54. Me, pretty please! I teach NFP and am getting quite discouraged about its effectiveness lately… maybe you could do a post on that some day?

  55. me me me for SURE. Simcha, seriously you need to pick me because. well. because. that’s a reason, right?

  56. Our parish would love to add it to our lending library…..of course I’d get to read it first!!

  57. Oh, thank you for not making us say anything intelligent or funny. Just sign me tired and proud of it!

  58. Oh, I really really want this book, and I know I’ll end up having to buy it, but OH, pick me!
    I am a convert, neck deep in RCIA and reading books and rewiring so so much about what I knew to be true. And I am pregnant with my 5th, and suffering from nausea and stupid. I guess I should say my family is suffering from my nausea and stupid. I am trying to figure out how long it is until the next time I can be asleep. But my point is that I need stories, from people who inspire me and make me laugh, to point the way right now. THAT is why I need this book.

  59. I just found out I’m pregnant for the first time! I’m gonna NEED your chapter on motherhood. That and the cosmic brownies. The beer is on hold for now obviously.

  60. Me too PLEASE!!! I have a copy on preorder on but it wouldn’t be signed by all the lovely authors. That would be a treat!
    PLEASE again!
    Thank you (in advance).

  61. OMG – I just read through the comments – there are so many worthy young women out there! I’ll buy copies for my daughters and myself – please give it to kiwords! My heart just goes out to her!

  62. An autographed copy of this book would be awesome! (My husband actually suggested that I could “get it from the library after it comes out.” Really? And be #275 in line? No thanks!)

    And thanks for all the laughs. We enjoy your blog so much!

  63. I never win anything so I might as well add another, “I *tried* to win that but didn’t,” item to my list. *sigh*

  64. Wow. Do you think you’ll get as many comments as you did for your Pantifesto?

    I was going to suggest that the woman who had the most kids in the fewest years should get a copy, but then I think you’re already set, Simcha! I’ve only had 7 in 13. Such a lightweight, but perhaps your auto-comment-picker god will pick me anywho!


  65. Me me me! I so enjoy your blog (as well as Hallie Lord’s Betty Beguiles) for being a voice of reason when it comes to modern womanhood and relationships.

  66. Oh I would love a copy of the new book! Would you sign me up for the drawing?
    My fiance and I get a kick out of your blog, which has sparked some great conversations, I can’t wait to read what you all have put together 🙂
    God Bless!

  67. A copy for me-cousin please, who in all likelihood will head off to a fancy art institute to major in fashion design.

  68. After 306 replies I don’t know why you’d pick me particularly but one good reason is that my birthday is in March…wedged between two greats – St Joseph and St Patrick and what a great birthday present!

    Which leads me to reason number two, I need a good book to inspire me to be as good as the two men who have been my companions all these years.

    🙂 And totally not sucking up…but I love your writing! Keep it coming!

  69. Me me. Because if you saw how I was sitting here at this moment, you know I need this book badly. And my 16 year old has threatened to throw away every article of clothing I own.

  70. I can’t wait to read this book, it sounds wonderful! Hopefully I will win it, otherwise I will buy. God Bless you all!

  71. Me! Me! Me! And if I’d been reading you years ago, I would be less insane than I am right now!! Lots of wuv!

  72. Oo! Oo! Me! Me! I don’t bring home the bacon but I can fry it up in a pan… I could use a great book to fill in the rest of that song!!

  73. Me, me me! because I’m part of the millennial generation and feel entitled to the book or the genXers and I don’t care about the stupid book or because I’m from the babyboom generation and if it was for us bringing modernity to the western world this book wouldn’t have been written.

  74. I’d give it to Karen the homeschooling mom of seven who wears pants, and allotmentgirl from Britain. Not that I get a vote here. I’m not even sure I get one of those books signed by all the writers….

    Barbara Nicolosi

  75. I really would love to win a copy of this book! It looks fantastic. I read the book “mommy wars” and I have to say those women could do with a good dose of female inspired spirituality. Considering they wrote things such as “I could have been the head of Paramount, but I had to spend time with my kids instead. This makes me bitter.” I would read this book and then gleefully share with the authors of that book that I personally know. Just so they too can feel enlightened.

    Gosh! I do hope I am chosen :).

  76. Me, me, me! Because I lurve you and (honestly!) I think your influence played a roll in the current not-quite-planned gift from God currently incubating inside me. 🙂

  77. Hate to be one of those “me, too” people but I am also a pants wearing home schooling mother of seven. I am an avid opera fan and I teach drama to my home school group. And I am too lazy to write my own book but I would love to have this book.

  78. Me, too! I have nothing remotely funny or interesting to say, because all my brain cells have been sucked dry by the brilliant child in the next room, but this book sounds fantastic and besides I know one of the contributors and I can’t wait to read what she wrote!

  79. Love your posts – it’s wonderful to read witty Catholic blogs that make me laugh and nod my head in recognition of being a mom and wife in this crazy busy world.

  80. Jo Coppolella,

    me, me, me, in italian I would say.: a me, a me wich means to me.

    I’d like a copy because here in Italy I cannot buy it.

  81. I am still learning what it means to be a woman. But I certainly don’t think that there is any easy definition. After all the greatest female role model of all time was pregnant at 13 (with Jesus) and on the run from the law (King Herod). There are many different ways to be a woman and each and every one of them images God.

  82. You’re all such good writers, working for such a good cause-godly women. I’d love to read it!

  83. If I don’t win, I’ll definitely be ordering. I held on for as long as I could, but my style, sex, and substance evaporated around the time my seventh was born. If I could find the energy, I’d reach up and check, but I’m pretty sure I’m only wearing one earring…

  84. I would love to win a copy of this book! Thank you for the chance, Simcha! (After all these years, I am still working on the pronunciation of your name! 😉

  85. The book looks great! I’m anxious to get my hands on it…. as I’m already planning it being on my Christmas wish list for this year. 🙂

  86. I’d love to read your new book. I have nothing witty to say this early in the morning, so I’ll stick with me, me, me, please! Here’s me: Catholic convert, mom of three with one cooking, homeschooler, phd drop-out, mediocre cook, mediocre house-keeper, general nut who could use all sorts of help, but who especially loves books!

  87. Definition of Womanhood – Mary most Holy (nurturing)
    Me too! And thank you for not making it necessary to use Facebook or Twitter…

  88. Looking at the names of contestants, there seems to be a dearth of men. Well I am a man, and would like a copy for my lovely wife and mother of our 2 children (one of whom is still in the oven, until, coincidence of coincidences, early March). Of course, once she’s done I’ll sneak it off the bookshelf and read it so I too can gain a tiny bit of insight into the incomprehensibility of woman!

  89. Okay, so it took me ten minutes to scroll down the comments to enter for my chance to win. But I finally made it – I would really enjoy reading this book. I’ve started blogging myself and living my life more in the open too – scary! I’d love to hear all about it!


  90. ME? What something intellegent to do for lil ole me, THE MOM? Not a chance! But I do relish in the thought of engaging in a literary tale of other mothers ( & daughters) who are trying to get closer to God, by doing the mundane and yelling at their kids at church no less. Funny, yet all the while comforting. Gotta run, still haven’t had coffee yet and need to chase blessed baby number #5 ( 18mo) down alley since big sis (3 yr) keeps pushing him out of the gate. Then I have only 5 more loads of laundry to do, put together a note book for the doctor , mop, and then maybe tomorrow night I can maybe skip out for a treat with my hubby as will be celebrating 10 yrs of marriage to an engineer and 5 kids,….. I hope I still like him, and if I don’t I maybe I won’t notice the whole 10 minutes we get to see each other in peac, God has plans for us doesn’t HE!
    WInner Winner Chicken Dinner, Right Here! Okay really its Wednesday, so its turkey meatloaf, but whatever!

  91. I have two sisters who could easily write a chapter each; they are an inspiration to me. And I have a niece (one of theirs) currently suffering through a university feminism course who has a good perspective on it, but could use the support.


  93. As a life-long christian just out of college; embarking on the professional world after two years watching my also-life-long-christian parent’s marriage dissintegrate; and learning to deal with the new emotional bagage (Which totally clashes with the baggage I already have – sheesh!) that goes along with said divorce – I would LOVE a book full of thoughts of strong women on being a woman. =D

  94. OOPs, that’s four children: 3 2 1 1. Don’t ask what happened to the other one for the past 5 minutes…

  95. Oh MEMEMEME, Pick ME! Pick ME! I wuv you the mostest! ….uh, just hoping my name might be the lucky one. 🙂 (A smiley emoticon because I know how much you love them.)

  96. ME, please!!! I am a recent convert to Catholicism who converted alone, so any help and encouragement is always wanted/needed! I love reading the blogs of several of you that are authors, so it would definitely be a blessing!

  97. Me! Although I’m not really expecting to win, it would be lovely. Anything I can do to increase my Catholicness by watching/reading about others. After converting almost 2 years ago, I’m still a baby Catholic.

  98. Enter me, please. Funny story. A woman I know was at a public pool with her kids. She was breast feeding her youngest, modestly no less, and another woman came up to her and said, “You shouldn’t be doing that! Children see enough violence!!!” I kid you not. True story.

  99. Ooh, I’d love to win! As the oldest of five (home birthed, breastfed, and home schooled) children and a single Catholic woman eager to follow in my beautiful mom’s footsteps, I see things from the “other side of the fence;” and can’t wait to (God and St. Anne willing!) experience the exhausting, incredible, and uniquely and gloriously humble vocation for myself!

  100. Yes, Pretty Please! Oh, and I loved your recent bit on being tired and kids eating kids (mine found that particularly humorous). Am I making sense? I don’t know…I’m not getting sleep either.

  101. Though this be a random-numbers contest and not a sucking-up contest, I want to win badly enough to suck up anyway…and possibly bribe you with brownies (too young to buy the beer, sorry ma’am).

    Simcha, obviously I should be the one to get this book! I clearly stand out from the crowd, as I’m not married and I don’t have any children. Yet. But I am Catholic. And I do need help with that whole Woman business. Did I mention the part where you’re such a marketing genius? And an excellent writer? And how badly I would love to have your autograph? :3

  102. I’ve just recently found your blog, as I was forwarded your “only child” post last week. I would love to hear more from you and the book sounds great!

  103. Me Me Me! Thank you to all the wonderful women who contributed to this book. I know the readers will be so blessed by your words! Excited to read it!

  104. Just found your page….beautiful….would love to win this book…thank you for sharing your thoughts and prayers….blessings.

  105. ME! The book sounds great!! I’ll probably check it out from the library if they order it . But I would like to win. My football teams (LSU and the Saints) have both lost … so hopefully I WILL WIN!

    Other than that, i think it would be a good read. I’m a stay at home mom with five kids, the oldest two are in school because I don’t have the patience or discipline to homeschool. I love cosmic brownies (my husband doesn’t, he likes the ones with the nuts) and beer is great.

    Kaylan – Happy Mardi Gras!! from down here (where we have Mardi Gras and lots of beer)

  106. I just found your blog through my sister in law and am so impressed with your thoughts so far! I have subscribed to the email feed. I would love to read this book as well!

  107. I pre-ordered on Nov 3rd! Should I win a signed copy I’d have to give the one from amazon away, therefore spreading the goodness.

  108. Too bad my name isn’t Mimi! 🙂 Seriously though, I would love to have a signed copy to share with my sisters and mother. Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway!

  109. Yes, please! I’m confused though- this posted to FB 15 minutes ago, but the post itself says the giveaway closed yesterday. Was that a secret, trick way to score a book, to find and point out inconsistencies? Hmmmm?

  110. I never win anything, but that’s no reason to stop trying! I really wanna win this book b/c I’m good enough, I’m smart enough and gosh darnit, people will like me more after I read it.

  111. The woman in my life simply must have this book…and it’d be even more fabulous if it were both signed and free!

  112. Summa Contra Americanus 1-1. It seems that you probably shouldn’t give it to me because a) I’ll buy it anyway, b) I live on the other side of the world and postage is expensive and c) I am a man.

    On the contrary, Our Lord says “ask and it shall be given you.”

    I answer that you SHOULD give me a copy because a) I would buy a copy anyway, to support good authors, and give the spare to a dear friend who can’t afford it, b) I will spruke it at a local Catholic book shop – which is totally worth the cost of postage and c) if men can properly appreciate the women in their lives we will make appropriate efforts to pamper you like the princesses you are!

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