Seven Benny Pics

Share one of my lovely moments with sweet baby Benedicta, who is now over a month old:

She’s a rather solemn baby so far, but for some reason she cannot resist the comic genius of the words, “looby looby loo.”

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  1. Ah, those first gummy smiles! One of mine was also rather solemn, but could not resist the comic genius of “bamboo bamboo!” You might want to try adding it to your stand-up– er,well, sit-down– routine!

  2. You know you’ve taken too many pictures when your child flips you the bird (picture #4 down).

    The Mamarazzi: no respect for a one-month old’s privacy.

  3. My son was also a big fan of ‘words ending in ‘oo”. You know you’re invested in parenting when this can start up a full-fledged discussion with your husband/wife re: ‘why babies like ‘oo’ noises’. He liked “AaaaAaaa…AAAA….CHOO!”. Spectacular.

    And Benny is quite cute. I want to eat her with a spoon.

  4. Your baby is beautiful, of course, but want to know the first thing I thought of when I saw your pictures? “Her floor is cleaner than mine.”


  5. She is beautiful and I love the name. Also great job, you have a 1 month old and 8 others running around and I can tell you have wood floors. My wife and I can barely maintain that with 2 dogs and 2 cats. God love you and your family. Ad Gloriam Ecclesiae!

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