visions of women who went to hell because of wearing trousers

 i.  ok
You take photos like Harley man!
If she farts, ka-blu-ee.
Becoming less masculine,
Marx Brothers sexistic.
Ok, let’s pray and see.
I am married but I want to be a priest.
(They have got married recently.)
Fatman sex.
Simcha Fisher drinking.
Bless somebody’s sole.
ii.  the technical details
Where is Kincaid in the list of great painters?
Sitting down that needes to be worn.
Have you ever flashed women while wearing a kilt?
My church doesn’t talk about the technical details.
Maurice Sendak Jewish goat;
Stupid fertility questions.
Feel the difference:
Shitzu and Starwars.
Spray chrome feel chrome like chrome.
iii.  finally
Can`t you see this is my shoes size?
Natural family planning designed to fail.
My mother in law was giving out to me while I was giving birth.
Hysterical postures!
Big fat woman sitting on little men:
What is there to resist?
Finally got around to watching Annie Hall.
My husband goes along.
iv.  all day
Home schooled children sit on their asses all day.
Girls wear plastic pants, St. Marys, South Bend.
Girdles pantaloons tubes;
Lady Barbara shoejob.
The church takes but doesn’t give anything.
v.  all over
Catholic women can no longer act as spiritual advisors.
All over the place in her writing.
Stupid trampoline!
The joke’s on you.
No legitimate excuse for a relapse.
What does it mean if my husbands co worker bakes him a desert?
Is Thomas Kinkade a big ol’ jerk?
Anyone who’s crazy enough to want to be a Jew is a Jew.
I vote for fat.


  1. Running keyword inquiries on blogs are always kind of like sticking your head in a garbage can. A garbage can with horrible spelling, syntax, and diction.

    But hey! you found a garbage can with poetic sympathies!

    I love your keyword poems.

  2. Usually with the search terms poems I can figure out what post they were looking for, but most of these… what is wrong with people? Well, at least their bizzareness plus your putting them together plus that photo at the end is good for a laugh (and I needed one since my 2 y-o got up for the day at 4 a.m. and I’m sure you know how today has gone from there…)

  3. Simcha–is each line a separate key word search? Or do you take key word searches and modify them for the poem’s sake/combine them? I also agree with Anna….how would they expect these key words to bring up your blog? (Or maybe they don’t, and they arrive here unexpectedly?) How’s the baby?

    • Yep, each line is a separate search. The only modifications I do are to add punctuation and capital letters. I’m assuming that most of these people are grievously disappointed when they arrive at my blog!

      Baby is great -how about yours?

  4. Love the photo at the end. That alone makes a statement but I’m totally lost on the rest! It was the title that caught my attention to read the article. I remember when that topic was all over the Catholic news.

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