Big and Angry Goes for a Drive

Yes, I’m still here.  So I’m going to grouse about bumper stickers.  (Hope to post about my pregnancy non-progress later in the day!)



      • Thanks! I just wrote about it on my site…I had a homebirth (my first was in the hospital), but I probably would have had a “car birth” if the hospital had been my plan. Really not expecting to be that annoying woman who gives birth between meals.

        I hope I don’t sound like a kiss-ass, but I am so impressed by all of your writing. If I were in a position to be your patron, I would totally do it for the very selfish reason of wanting to read your writing in book length.

  1. The post had me rolling … and then the comments made it hurt even more! (“Nuke the Gay Whales for Jesus” – HA-AAA-AH!)

    Good luck, and may angelic nurses feed you delectable items you didn’t cook … although, let’s be real, we’re talking hospital food; so may it at least have a discernable, unobjectionable taste.

  2. The sole thing I tell other moms who are waiting f-o-r-e-v-e-r to finally have that baby is to eat a ton of Reese’s pb cups. My last baby was 15 days late and I was begging for advice and one person told me to eat as much of a bag of Reese’s as I could. So I did and went into labor that night. I figure it’s win-win: if you go into labor, great; if not, well, at least you got to eat a bag of pb cups. Another mom I know recently combined the Reese’s with a beer and a jaunt in a neighbor kid’s birthday bounce house. She now swears by that whole combination. Good luck! (But what will I do without your writing while you’re on maternity leave???)

  3. Great post. I walked passed a car in the church car park this morning with witch stickers all over the bumpers: I am a pagan Goddess, witch on board etc with skeleton hands hanging from the rear view mirror. It also had a big white sticker on the windscreen which read “This car park is for those using the church only. It is not for other part time or full time parking for any other user. I wonder if the witch will use her magic power to remove it or will she take ages to scrape it off before driving away?

  4. Have to comment on this one (forgive me- but I have commented when I agreed with you as well– but I disagree this time.) I advocate for bumper stickers, yes I do!
    Freedom of speech should be treasured in our country!! Of course I can’t stand some bumper stickers- but it is a poignant visual that we are all (quite literally) travelers on this earth. “Bad” bumper stickers give me someone to pray for- and I do. Great bumper stickers give me hope that there are other people similar to myself and my spirits are buoyed on the highways. (Do you really scoff when you see a 15-passenger van with four pro-life bumper stickers, with an advertisement for Catholic radio thrown in for good measure? I thought not.) I have thought so much about this the past few weeks– thanks for the food for thought! (kind of like a bumper sticker…)

  5. Congratulations, Simcha! I hope you email Pope Benedict XVI and let him know what you named her. How nice she was born on December 8th, too. Hope your holidays are filled with much deserved love and celebration.

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