1. My oldest daughter (age22) picked up a copy of the “Twilght” spoof “Nightlight” but found that she needed to read the original to understand what the spoof was spoofing.

    She has never finished the original because the writing was so horrid.

    She did very much enjoy “Nightlight” though!

  2. Today my 16 y/o daughter wanted to know if the reason the main character, Bella, was unaffected by the other “talents” of certain other vampires was because she was mentally off. This was not an argument that I’d never heard brought up specifically; usually people are complaining about the sparkling vampire or her infatuation with a guy that could turn into a wolf. So she quoted, “She was ‘Safe inside her own mind’.”

    That threw me for a loop. Well, of course Bella is unbalanced. She obsesses over one guy with whom she’s rather co-dependent upon. When he leaves she shuts down for four months until wolf-boy pulls her out of it, only to have her follow a trail of dangerous behaviors because it brings on hallucinations of the vampire guy. Did I mention that she was singularly obsessed and flat out disrespectful to her father and mother? I’d say there are some psychotic tendencies there.

    Tessa’s 16 year old observation that the problem with Bella was that her sole focus was on lust. All Bella ever did was lust after both of the guys, though she was less so to the wolf boy than the other.

    I was not happy that my daughter read the series in the first place; I was so relieved to hear her judgement of it. Just wanted to share.

  3. One of my good friends and I decided to watch the first Twilight movie as a joke. We expected hilarity but wound up shrieking with disbelief every three minutes and drinking extra beer to make up for the pain of watching creepy Edward. “OMG he plays the same chord on the piano over and over while making sad eyebrows. That’s because he’s so deep.” Gag.

    I know your reading time might be limited (Ha!), but you should check out some of Flannery O’Connor’s letters. She writes quite a bit about what Catholic literature is and what it should do. She also complained about stories from some Catholic league of decency folks: “guaranteed to corrupt nothing but your taste”.

  4. Wow, I’m still following the comments after your post–you sure hit upon a nerve! I’m almost in disbelief over the level of vitriol, and the fur flying…

    • Heh, I didn’t even realize how many comments there were until I went back and checked. My favorite part is when people accuse me of bringing up certain topics “just to get hits.” Some nerve, writing about things that people are interested in! It’s downright uncharitable.

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