Wegmans erects retaining wall

I wrote this yesterday, so don’t remember quite, but I think I said sex and free speech are bad and should be suppressed



    • Ah ha ha, you’re onto me! You can judge for yourself whether what actually happened was better or worse. Some guys did make those exact accusations, among others, but they did it in letters to the editor, in response to my letter. We did make our phone number private at that same time because of nasty phone calls, but believe it or not, I forget what the context was. (My husband is a crime reporter, so it might have had to do with that.)

      • I can definitely see the nasty Letters to the Editor. I lived in a smallish town that was big enough to have delusions it was too small to see.

        The idea of people getting worked up enough about Cosmo and other checkout aberrations to call you at home– that alarmed me. I mean, I can see if it was about a toll road or football, or something…

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