1. I liked your blog post. So true… I recently came to the realization that I’ve been more or less trained to not give my own opinion, or when I do, I try to make sure that at least someone around me will agree. And if they won’t, I guess I’m just vague. Or I’ve even come to the point in some cases where I don’t even consciously form opinions at all, so I don’t have to be confrontational.

    I’m wondering if vagueness isn’t why people leave the Church in some cases… If you ask the question (let’s say, at CCD, for instance), “Why do we pray to Mary?” and the only answer you get is, “Well, I don’t know, but she’s pretty cool, she’s God’s mom and all, that oughta count for something…” what’s the point of sticking around? READ FULTON SHEEEEEN! (The World’s First Love. Read it. Not kidding. Anyone who hasn’t. The man had a gift.)

    This is me just thinking out loud. But at least I’m thinking. 🙂 And I’m really excited about the new translation. Happy are we who are called to the supper of the LAMB! Love it.

    Also, what is that video??

  2. OOOH! Bruce Campbell FTW! (But I am really sad the AoD video didn’t make it onto the register page. Boo!). Next time do a post about “I’m bad Ash… and you’re GOOD Ash!” I think it could really tie into our fallen human natures and about who ultimately is the guy with the gun and stuff.

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