Dying women don’t need contraception

The World Health Organization is hunting for a new contraceptive, since their current favorite to push on African women doubles the rate of HIV infection.  I suggest a better way to spend their aid money.



  1. Hey – uh, what is the embedded video supposed to be? I clicked on it and got one video, but then got interrupted by children (surprise, surprise), so I reloaded the page and got a different video. A third reload – a third video. I don’t want to miss out on whatever you wanted to share.

    • Uh oh — there’s not supposed to be a video, just a link to my Register post. If you have a chance, can you copy and paste what you’re seeing? Or wait, did you mean on this blog, or on the Register blog?

      • It was here in this blog. But yeah – it’s gone now, so maybe it was just a publishing glitch? Don’t know. Feel free to delete all these comments so as not to confuse/annoy your other readers! : )

    • It’s very frustrating — I know this page looks different to everyone else, but even if I sign out, I can’t seem to see it except as an administrator. Someday, someday, I’ll have my own site (and then all the glitches will be all my fault!),.

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