1. Oh, that’s a fantastic movie. When I decided to host church movie nights I (perhaps too ambitiously) started with “Night of the Hunter”. I think I properly blew everyone’s minds. I’m a fan of German Expressionism and I thought Charles Laughton had done such an interesting update of the style, PLUS all those spiritual themes. But it was a bit dark for some people.

    I almost named my blog “Flapdoodle” off of Icey’s line: “That’s not love – that’s just flapdoodle.”

    The voice of Rev. Powell calling down the stairs – “Chil-dren?” is one of the most chilling sounds in all film history.

    Always happy to find another fan.

  2. When I was a kid this movie was one of my father’s contributions to our homeschooling– the reason for it was never made clear. I think he just got a kick out of how we first made fun of the plot, then cried when we had to go to be that night. Robert Mitchum has given me the willies ever since.

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