1. You get fancy 3D ultrasounds? Lucky! We just get the old blurry “squint and you can see the profile” sort—which are always made worse by the fact that my kids, from conception, refuse to sit still and smile for the camera! 😉

    (On the other hand, they usually let the tech get a good look at all their innards, which is the more important part, so it’s all good.)

    • Yeah, this is the first time we’ve ever had 3D pictures. The tech said it was one of the advantages of having a late ultrasound — these are by far the clearest pictures I’ve ever seen. Most of the session was regular “2D” exam, with measurements and so on, and the tech said that that’s where all the useful information comes from – but she did the 3D at the end just for my amusement (the tech is the 6th of 7 children).

    • I didn’t realize our due dates were so close! How are you feeling? I’m frequently grateful that my next oldest kid is over 2 years old — I’ve done the pregnant-plus-toddler thing many times, and it is so o o o draining.

  2. Isn’t it wonderful that you can view miracles like this? IT makes the anticipation of Shrimpy all the sweeter.

    We are all looking forward to S’s first pictures in the ‘outside’ world!

  3. So, how do the other kids at school respond to your big family? I’m sure your kids gets some interesting questions/responses.

    Congratulations yet again!! I love ultrasound pictures!

    • We are by far the biggest family in the school, but at least as far as what I know, most of the other kids are more envious than anything else. They think our 15-passenger van is awesome (it really kinda isn’t) and like the idea of having so much going on at our house all the time. It’s not a conservative or religious school, but is very tolerant (in the true sense) of all different kinds of families, so nobody makes us feel like weirdos. (Which we are.)

  4. What an absolutely beautiful, low-key-but-profound, pro-life show and tell.

    And what an absolutely beautiful baby! Yay for Shrimpy!

  5. Simcha! Congrats. I’m 29 weeks now. It was so precious to see those 3D pics. Even cooler that your little girl brought them in to class to share with other kids and the teacher. God bless!

  6. Sweet and lovely! Since I’ve blasted it all over the internet, you probably know that my daughter just gave birth AT 28 weeks. One week later, baby is doing well.

    • I know, Daria – he’s just gorgeous! I thought of you when I realized how many weeks along I was, and told the kids that Shrimpy could be born now and probably be okay. What amazing times (although I’m sure it must be extremely tough on your family while the little one gets caught up).

  7. Gorgeous pictures! Ours never turn out so nice, but when my 4 yr old saw them she assumed it was pictures of Ruth (our current baby.) I sometimes think the most effective way I’ve taught my girls to be prolife is having their ultrasound pictures on display.

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