The Grandmultipara Pushes Back

In which I use the words “stirrups,” “damn” and “pee,” because I’m pregnant with my ninth baby, and nobody is going to stop me.



  1. I didn’t want to post this comment on the super-big-venue of the Register, so I will post in the pretty-big one here:
    When my brother’s wife was delivering her 4th child via section (4th section) the OB pulled out the baby and, before even saying Congrats! said, “You must never have any more children! You could die!!”

    He claims it was because her uterus had been so thin that he could see through it. But his attitude and condescending demeanor throughout their care led us all to recommend a second opinion, at least, from a pro-life OB, who could also help them with how to avoid conceiving again if necessary.

    But in the meantime, they have been grieving and terrified of becoming pregnant.

  2. I found this article linked on facebook and I am really enjoying your blog, you are hilarious! We just converted to Catholicism this past Easter and had baby #6 3 weeks ago. I love finding other moms that I have things in common with (Catholic, big family, willing to make fun of ourselves), there aren’t many of us that I have found. 🙂

  3. Simcha, do you have any posts about the beginnings of your family when you guys were having a rocky time financially? How you guys stuck it out / things you discussed about postponing or not postponing pregnancies. I’d really appreciate reading about that. It’s encouraging when I see someone farther along, past that stage, with a beautiful family and know they survived!

    And also, that birth control part of your post. I am… ugh… wordlessly mad. God give me grace not to hurl the material back at them exhausted or not.

  4. Love it Simcha! Corita, I just had my 6th child 4th c-section 6 months ago. I tried a vbac after 2 so I’ve done a lot of research and I can tell you that uterine thickness is not a good indicator of whether the uterus will rupture or not. Also, he was most likely speaking about where the previous uterine scars were and it is still very rare but more common to have dehiscence (coming apart at the site of the previous scar) than actual full rupture. Please have your SIL get other opinions and contact ICAN for more resources of information. Doctors tend to use the word rupture a lot because it scares us more 😉

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