I won! We won! Everybody won!

Thanks so much, everyone, if you voted for me for “Funniest Blog” in the Catholic New Media Awards — I won!  I’ve been putting off announcing it because I felt a sudden, overbearing pressure to be, well, the funniest blog.  But when I sat down at the keyboard and was like, “Come on, brain!  Joke!” my brain was all, “Oh, um, ahhh!  Wocka WOCKA!”  My husband laughed, but I wasn’t sure I could put it across.

Anyway, lots of excellent choices were made:

The National Catholic Register won Best Overall Catholic Website and Best Group Blog!

Hallie Lord won Most Entertaining Blog for Betty Beguiles!

Jen Fulwiler won Everything for Most Everything Everything in the world — and I voted for her, darn it, because she’s that good!(Specifically, Conversion Diary won Best Blog By a Woman, Best Written Blog, Most Spiritual Blog, People’s Choice, Tallest Catholic Blogger, Fastest Catholic Typist, Nicest Catholic Teeth, and Most Insidious Subliminal Messages On a Catholic Blog, If You Read It Backwards While Stoned.)

The Anchoress, The Crescat, Creative Minority Report, Bad Catholic, That Strangest of Wars, and The Ironic Catholic are also favorites of mine which won awards from New Catholic Media.  Do check them out — that is, after all, the purpose of these awards:  to encourage people to read good stuff they may have missed.*

I spent all morning pushing to get a super secret project done (more details soon!), and then I went to the post-hurricane beach with the kids for several hours, in an effort to forget that people are still mad — mad! — at me for saying that Thomas Kinkade should be taken out and slowly beheaded with blunt sporks because of all the baby ducklings I hear he’s been torturing, or whatever it was I apparently said.  Then I made supper.

Anyway, what I’m trying to tell you is that I left someone off, or messed up all the links again, I’m just tired.  And if you sent me congratulations and I forgot to respond, I’m sorry — I’m just tired.  I know, we’re all tired.  We’re all Tiredest Catholic Bloggers.  We win!

*That’s to answer the implied question of my 12-year-old daughter, who just said, “Oh, you won?  And you won . . . a picture of a trophy?  Okay.”



  1. I always think it’s highly entertaining when someone has an incredibly strong negative reaction to everything a certain celebrity does and stands for (provided there is a coherent and compelling, yet totally obscure reason for the dislike…like the Anti-Incarnationist undertones of stupid lighting in a painting). So whenever somebody is mad and huffy at you over Kincaide, you can think that at least you made another person’s day (wocka, wocka)!

    And congratulations!!

    • Oh, you’ll like this, then: my husband’s uncle, who had a hook for a hand, HATED Sammy Davis, Jr. Why? Because Sammy Davis, Jr., had a glass eye, which was replacing the eye he lost in a horrible car accident when he hit his face on the steering wheel, which had one of those old-fashioned knobs for one-handed steering. So they made those knobs illegal, which made it much, much harder for the hook-handed uncle to drive. So he refused to let anyone in his house watch movies with Sammy Davis, Jr. in them.

      That’s what they say, anyway.

  2. Congrats!–I voted for you, I really think you deserved it!

    And thanks for the link!

    AND…as for your daughter’s comment? I told my husband my blog came in second for Most Entertaining Blog and his response was “Really? …Why?”

    Yes, I’LL be going to Confession this Saturday….

  3. Congratulations! The entrants are all really awesome, so winning is more than just a picture of a trophy. Also, loved the list of everything that Conversion Diary won. Couldn’t agree more. 🙂

  4. Congratulations!

    Re: the Kincade piece(s): I’ve been meaning to ask if you could write more on what makes art good or bad. You not only said that you didn’t like Kincade’s art: you said (and showed) why. I thought the posts were great.

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