Ten thing I wish I had known as a new wife

11.  No, you will never get used to that snoring.

Also, #1-10.



  1. I disagree with #11. Yes, you can get used to that snoring. However, you may be tempted to shove a pillow down his throat when he’s sawing away and you are still trying to get infant twins to sleep for the billionth time in a row. 😉

    But when daylight eventually comes, you’ll be glad he got some sleep and can let you have a few hours to sleep in,

  2. What wonderful advice, thank you! I would also like to add the need for personal prayer for each spouse, and I have found especially for the wife. The wife cannot give what she does not have, and one of our main roles as a wife and a mother is that of giving. Secondly, you eluded to it, but that it will take TIME. I am just now figuring that one out, after being married for two years, I only now starting to realize that not everything will be perfect and not everything will be in order right away. I wrote about some this in my own blog.
    Thank you again and God Bless.

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