1. Holy fabulous. My bestest and I have had a running joke, for over a decade, about what total tripe (forever to be amended to “shite”) Kincade’s so-called “art” is, and you, my friend, have just made both of our days!!!

  2. Well I asked my sister, who is a Savannah artist, what her opinion of T. Kincaide is (I had to). Her first reply was simply: “S H I T. “(sorry)

    Then she said this:
    “Too mushy happy EASY brushstrokes. “The painter of light” (hint: ALL painters are painters of light–the source of value in every successful works). He hires a warehouse full of “kincaide trainee’s” to paint for him. The brushstrokes are very similar to Bob Ross and the lavendar or blue base coat is very very forgiving. No challenge. But it’s cutsie pie holier than thou feel appeals to the masses. Nobody wants cerebral imagery anymore. Gone are the revolutionary artists who didn’t need the shock value of rat pee to make their works known-Im talking about the Kahlo’s, the Kruiegers, renaissance “men and women”. Sorry but you hit a nerve. I hate Kincaide’s pastel crap and everything it stands for. You are too good for that junk. I’ll send you a list of artists to look for. (Have you ever looked at Edward Hopper’s work? He was from around those parts. Dead now but his work is haunting, melancholy–I’d rather have a warehouse full of reprints by him than any original of Kincaid’s). Heh.”

    And I have a new understanding of something. Nice post

  3. Not to start a rabbit hole, but … Anima described TK’s work as “just plain kitsch”. And it struck me that Catholic culture in the space of a thousand years produced 75-80% of the Western world’s great art; so why is it that, when you walk into a Catholic gift shop, all the statuary and artwork available for sale are kitschy crapburgers?

    We now return you to your regularly scheduled thread.

    • Tony, I feel sure that the Renaissance was full of crappy art and artists, too — it’s just that no one bothered to preserve it. A thousand years from now, the best of what today’s artists are producing will, I hope, be preserved, and all the Kinkade, plastic glowing Virgins, Jesus My Soccer Pal, and all will have returned to dust.

  4. For so long I thought I must be the only person in the world who thought that the art of Thomas Kinkade was down right awful. So glad to know that I am not the only one.

  5. Personally, I am quite shocked at the popularity of this blog and statements made here.. I am a painter, I know what I like and don’t like. Therefore, I don’t believe that his work is as you say but that is your belief and this is your blog. I stumbled upon this blog and definitely won’t return as I disagree with everything you say.. I am also a Catholic.. Why even mention the man’s death if you had such distaste of his art.. I find that rather insulting to any religious individual. Almost a mockery of his demise.. and a show of your pleasure that he is gone..

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