Catholic Etiquette: the Finer Points

You can memorize the Summa backwards and forwards, but you’re still at the bottom of the class until you know . . . CATHOLIC ETIQUETTE.



  1. Here’s one that seems to come up often…there’s always that awkward moment, when you’re praying before a meal with another family, where you wonder, “do they say the ‘may the souls’ part, or not?” And they’re wondering the same thing, so everyone pauses awkwardly, and then finally half of the people start making the sign of the cross while the other half start saying “May the souls…” I wonder what Amy Vanderbilt would say about that one…

  2. I love this piece (and your open letter in the comments). Everything you write resonates truth to me. Your insights are so refreshing and sincere and the humour is addictive. You’ve got a big pocket of fans out here in the Ohio Valley. Re: this article, I feel like at some point there is no “Catholic” etiquette, and it’s more like regional habits. I may feel like an outsider in Steubenville Catholic culture if I was raised in Toledo, but why sweat it? Local preferences aren’t necessary and shouldn’t be enforced.

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