Voluntary Permanence

Today at the Register:  it’s not that I can’t take my wedding ring off, it’s that I won’t.  Of course, 3/4 of the way through writing this, something (presumably an Irony Bug) bit me on the finger, and I had to take my wedding ring off.  First time in almost fourteen years.

This makes me a little nervous about what to write about for tomorrow.



    • Oh yes, this is the guy! I was half afraid someone would find the article and it would turn out I had remembered wrong and misrepresented his point of view — but no, he really is an idiot.

  1. I refused to take my wedding ring off yesterday while I trimmed the hedges. I also refused to wear gloves. The result was a giant blister right under my wedding ring. Now I have to keep it off for at least 4 days until my finger heals. Common sense (that I didn’t use) bites again!:( Damn conviction!

  2. We recently celebrated our 7 year anniversary (i know, i know, “rookies!) and i’ve been experience the 7 year itch. Literally. I have a nasty rash on my ring finger that doesn’t want to quit. I initially chalked it up to the endless washing (with ever-fancier liquid handsoap) due to diaper changes of new baby and potty training of toddler and too-hurried rinsing combined with ever-interrupted dish washing. I’ve switched the ring to the other finger for a bit but I like how the real ring finger has a real obvious red band around it Like I’m marked for life. I kinda don’t mind that it’s taking a while to clear up. it makes me laugh cause this marriage ain’t going to go away. Don’t mind my seven year itch one bit.
    I’ve recently discovered you, Simcha. Thanks so much for cracking me up.

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