12 Practical Tips for Writing Clearly

You may now analyze how I break these rules routinely and ironically, considering the topic at hand, and wonder how I can have anything to say about writing when, right there in the fourth paragraph, I did willfully violate gerund/semi-deponent agreement.

In response to your query, allow me to make a loud farting noise.  I know that my grammar isn’t perfect.  Sometimes this is intentional, but sometimes I’m just careless or ignorant.  I feel that this ought to bother me, but it doesn’t.  There are lots of people who write very well, without perfect grammar; and there are lots more people whose grammar is impeccable, but whose writing stinks.   So, I win.

I’d also like to add:  You MONSTER!  Don’t you know I’m PREGNANT?



  1. I spent quite a bit of time trying to find the grammatical mistake (because I was quite curious what gerund/semi-deponent agreement is), when suddenly I realized you might be joking. Are you?

    I am a grammar teacher, and even I recognize that “perfect” grammar is not always what is called for.

  2. I love this topic. We need to be good writers for practical reasons, such as writing good cover letters when we apply for a job. More importantly, though, we need to be good writers because good writing requires us to be good thinkers. I am so dismayed by the lack of well-articulated thoughts (and writing) from people running for political office who are very vocal about being Christians. We have a rich history of articulate Christian thinkers . . . that seems to be entirely lost in the current crop of public Christian life (with powerful exceptions such as George MacDonald and Os Guiness).

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