Ten Tips for Having Fun at the Fair

Actually, we went to the zoo instead this year.  But still, you can learn from our past years of failure.



  1. Simcha ~ you keep my laughing and wondering why there are mean little web trolls that are so nasty with their comments. Does somebody pay these commentors or are they just so stinkn miserable? They loathe your humor, I love your humor!!! Keep it coming Lady, I need to laugh.

  2. Ha! I remember this post! We went to the fair yesterday (only two girls and me), but I had this post in mind when I planned the day. And we had a fantastic day!

  3. You are inspiring me to go and check out the L.A. County Fair. (I have thought about it for years but have missed it for years, as Labor Day weekend is a nightmare and every other weekend thereafter has oh, so many reasons for not going). This year I will make it a (late) New Year’s Resolution to go.

  4. I was going to congratulate you on choosing a topic no one could complain about. Then I went over there. I thought protestants were cranky.

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