Free Will and Banana Peels

Cut from today’s post:  the conversation I had with a three-year-old about the Teletubbies.  She said they were not human beings.  I asked how she could tell.  She said, “Well, because they don’t wear clothes, and they don’t pray.”



  1. A vegetarian once told me that she doesn’t eat anything with eyes. She quickly clarified, “I eat potatoes, everyone asks me that!” So I asked, “do you eat clams?” She just rolled her eyes.

  2. Thank you, I used the banana peel example last night to my 6 year old who gets free will, but has a bit of an attitude about most things. (The phrase, ‘Always a nickle short.” applies.)

    “OOOOOHHHHH, so it DOES matter if I have a bad attitude about obeying God! I guess I gotta try being happy about going to mass then.” So next we talked about asking God to transform us so that we can be happy about things we dislike. “Okay, but it’s hard to be happy about salad, Mom.”

    And, so, how do YOU keep a straight face during these talks?

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