Who Among Us Does Not Love an Al Gore Joke?

I actually quite like polar bears.  Less fond, however, of being blinded and then poisoned in my own home.



  1. I’m trying very hard not to hope that Al Gore gets his legs eaten off by a polar bear. I don’t buy those lightbulbs and I don’t think you have to in TX.

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever actually typed “lol”, because, well, not that many writers are actually that funny. But you did make me laugh audibly . . . and so did the first commenter RE: Tipper. Thanks for brightening (non-flourescently) my day!

    • No, Mr. S was irritated by that compliment because he’s warned you in the past about making comments like this about me. I’m married, you’re in a relationship, and it’s not appropriate to say things like that about me. Even if you don’t see the harm, you ought to stop because you know it offends me and my husband.

  3. Dear Fishers: For the record, Mr. S has confused me with someone else, as this compliment was my first, & seemed warranted by the ugly remark about Mrs. S from the Rabbit – & thus appropriate. The suggestion it is somehow lascivious to praise a woman’s beauty – especially in that the whole post was about the sad modern habit of assuming such praise must be inspired by lust – was unsettling; also unjust, I think, not to say just factually wrong./

    In any event, did not mean to offend, or provoke the minor bru-ha, have apologized to Mr. S that it did, & so of course will honor the request not to repeat such observations as that Mrs. S’s photos indicate the opposite of what the Rabbit suggested./

    In passim, Mrs. S, am also curious as to how you know I am in a relationship, tho it’s true: 29 years ago I married a beauty (in hopes it may not offend so to say) with whom I remain quite hopelessly in love./

    Best to you both meantime, the great brood no less, sorry you took offense, & may God grant we laugh about this together in Heaven one day.

    • Antigon, I’m sorry about that! Obviously we were both convinced that you were someone else whose persistence in the past has left us both a little touchy about the matter. Your comment was only objectionable to me because of what I thought was its history – but I see that there *was* no history, so, um, thanks! (Obviously the remark that you are in a relationship was also meant for the other fellow, but I’m glad to hear that you are happily married.) Thanks for your gracious response, and for reading.

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