Ten Cheap, Stupid Ideas for Summer With Kids

Just like it says.



  1. You can also tie-dye by buying cheap colored t-shirts and then using string, rubber bands, etc. and soaking them in bleach water. If you google it, you’ll find the right proportions of bleach-to-water. I did it with my kids last summer and it was easy-peasy. (Just make sure to use rubber gloves on whoever is helping with the bleach water.)

  2. From the child’s perspective, I would take the cheap, stupid activities any and every day. My parents divorced when I was six. My stepmother had money and via my dad’s desire to see his kids having fun and her desire to not be bothered by us they took the Buy Lots of Awesome Things With Which the Kids Can Occupy Themselves approach. My mom, however, had little money. So we played 30 year old board games. And set up a secondhand badminton net in the front yard. And loaded the bikes in the minivan and rode around state parks. My mom never read to us when we got into the pre-teen years, but if I found a book that I loved, she would always read it as well so we could talk about it! Having bitten from both sides of the apple, I’d rather take the crisp, tart, slightly worm eaten and shined on my own shirt side than the waxed to keep it shiny yet quite mealy side and have fun for free!

  3. Packets of unsweetened Kool-Aid makes a great, cheap dye for white shirts. And it washes out so they can be re-dyed a different color combo. Simple and safe even for very, small children (you don’t have to have Poison Control on speed dial in case they decide to drink the pretty liquid).

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