Fast Girls

Why?  Because it keeps raining here and I was bored.

Edited to add:  just in case  anyone missed the fun the first time around:

Pants:  A Manifesto (my first response to the supremely creepy original message from Catholicity)

Pants Pass (a printable card to keep with you in case you need to pop out to the store for more corset starch)

WWMD  (a gentle reminder that Mary wasn’t actually made of plaster)











  1. I got sucked into the comment wormhole at WWMD. It had never occurred to me that Mary never gave birth, that giving birth would ‘ruin’ her virginity, that anyone would discuss the state of the Blessed Mother’s lady parts. Just wow.

    • Of course it never occurred to me that I’d have to defend pants wearing as a sane and modest choice. Oh, ignorance, where are you?

  2. *cough*
    “O real life Mama of God, intercede for us. Help us to understand each other. And if I ever sit down to write another post about pants, please make the roof fall in on me before I hit “publish.”
    Just puttin it out there:)

  3. Heh. I didn’t manage to make it through all 300+ comments on the pants manifesto, so I have no idea if this was ever brought up, but I would remind the jury that for quite a few thousand years, men wore dresses and skirts, too. And they were proud of ’em.

    And they wore em’ with HOSE when they got cold.

    When them skirt-lovin’ men care enough to inconvenience themselves and be sufficiently ‘modest’ like the Church Fathers, and the Byzantines and the Medievals, I will consider it, too.

    Then we can discuss men’s corsets. 😀

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