And this is why I vote for those useless Republicans.

CONCORD – The House voted today by the necessary two-thirds majority to override Gov. John Lynch’s veto of a parental notification law that requires an abortion provider to notify a parent 48 hours before performing an abortion on a minor.

Lynch is a decent governor and I believe he’s at least partially responsible for keeping unemployment relatively low in our state (although my husband, like many others, have found work in MA).  But his protest that the parental notification bill was unconstitutional because it didn’t provide exceptions for rape, incest, or emergency situations is completely unfounded —  the bill was crafted specifically to avoid those snags.  The Supreme Court has been really clear that it’s constitutional to require parental notification (not consent!!!  Just notification!!!  In a state where minors cannot get a fake tan or take an aspirin at school without parental consent).

And that’s why I vote for Republicans.  Gutless, unreliable, ineffectual Republicans.  Because they’re just like anyone else:  when there’s enough of them, they find the courage to do what they know they ought to do.  I honestly thought this pro-life wave would peter out after the midterm elections were over, but for whatever reason (coughlilarosecough), it seems to be gaining momentum.  Amazing times.



  1. Yes, yes and yes. When it comes to politics I hate the tough-talk-spaghetti-spined Repubs. But I’ll keep voting for them if they keep doing this kind of thing.

    Now, about that health-care bill….

  2. I’m sort of tired of prolife/prochoice being reduced to a Republican/Democratic thing. There are pro-life Democrats and pro-choice Republicans. More importantly, there are the vast majority of us in the middle – people who, while realistic enough to understand that abortion will never again be illegal in this country, are willing to work to make sure that women don’t feel forced to murder their young in order to further their careers or feed their other children.

    Abortion is first and foremost an economic decision; and the healthcare that someone else up there is deriding may be just the thing that keeps a woman from taking the life of her own child. Universal healthcare, a living minimum wage, and paid year-long maternity leaves would do more to lower the abortion rate than 9 conservative Supreme Court Justices ever could.

    Sorry to sound inflammatory; but so long as we remain entrenched in these artificial divides (Republican/Democrat, red/blue, pro-life/pro-choice), we will lack the political imagination required to truly resolve our differences.

    • Well, it’s not reductionist if all the pro-lifers are republican. Pro-lifers in NH are usually faced with a pro-abortion dem, a squishy pro-life republican, or an unelectable, loony toon, genuinely pro-life republican or independent. The voters aren’t the ones reducing the issues to party lines!

      The focus of this bill was young girls, and for them it’s not an economic decision, I don’t think — it’s an everything-else decision. In NH, poor women get free (excellent) prenatal care, and so do their children.

      You really don’t have to have much imagination to see that parents ought to at least be informed when their daughters try to get an abortion. I understand that the pro-life position is more complicated than killing vs. not killing — but in this particular case, it’s pretty straightforward.

  3. This whole parental notification thing makes me soooo mad! As WE all know, this has nothing to do with restricting access to abortion, but is about protecting teenage girls. My fourth pregnancy ended in miscarriage and I needed a D&C. When I think about all the medical information I had to understand, all the warning signs of complications etc and try to imagine a girl being able to safely go through that post-op period on her own -it makes me sick. I had already gone through three pregnancies, deliveries and postpartums (is that a noun, or did I just make that up?) And I was in my 20s with a supporting husband to look after me. Even so, the D&C and the recovery afterwards was a little scary and daunting. If it is not safe for a girl to administer her own allergy medicine at school (or aspirin, as simcha said) or even get her ears pierced – how is it safe to allow her to have an invasive procedure like THAT done without having an adult know she might be at risk for the oh so many complications that can occur?

  4. Good for you. It’s all very well to grouch about how the Republicans are just as bad as the Democrats, blah blah blah (a lot of people seem to think saying that makes them more hip than all those other dumb conservative catholics who blindly worship the Republicans), but as Hadley Arkes pointed out at a pro-life conference I attended a while back, when you get down to it, every single legislative or judicial pro-life victory, large or small, during this whole long war has been achieved on the Republicans’ watch.

  5. It seems my English isn’t good enough to understand the explanation on the site you linked to, so I would be very grateful if you could explain it in easier terms (or point to a simpler explanation somewhere else). The first thing I think of is the cases of murder motivated by ‘family honour’ we’ve had here in Sweden. Girls have been killed for having boyfriends. Is there any provision made in this bill for that kind of case?

  6. Hi, Monika – your English seems very good to me! I’m not sure if I understand your question, though. This bill simply says that if a girl under the age of 18 wants to get an abortion, one parent or legal guardian must be notified 48 hours before the abortion takes place. I believe it makes an exception that a judge can take the place of a parent if, for instance, the parents are abusive or estranged from the girl, or if it is an “emergency” medical situation (although true medical emergencies are almost unheard of).

    “Honor” killings are unheard of in NH and in most of the US. There are shelters and legal protections for girls whose parents are a threat to them, whether they’re Muslim or for any other reason. Crisis pregnancy centers will support a girl throughout and beyond a pregnancy. Planned Parenthood, which is the major provider of abortion in this country, has been caught several times recently NOT reporting abusive situations to the law (which they are required to do).

    So you might think that letting a girl keep an abortion secret is a good way to help her stay safe, but in this country, the abortion providers are the ones who facilitate the abuse. This is no surprise, of course, when they are in the business of killing children.

  7. That part about the judge being able to make an exception for an abusive situation, that’s what I was wondering.

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