Ten things we can all be happy about

A slice of strawberry tart without so much Corapi in it!

But lots of this:



  1. Was that a Shavuot wreath or just a REALLY CUTE use of clover blossoms? The Python references make me giggle every time.

  2. This is actually an old picture, the same kid as the monkey-filled girl, the one who (it turns out didn’t fall, but) jumped through the ceiling. She is almost 4 now — I just wanted to see this picture again! (Not a shavuot wreath — just a regular old goyish flower crown for little princess wildflower.)

  3. Almost spit out my sandwich when I got the Monty Python reference! But then expelled food and drink seems to be a hazard here. Hmm, are you shilling for Catholic Foodie and Drinkie?

  4. I’m sorry your combox had to be shut down over there. Apparently, your (and thus, our) happiness makes others really, really angry. Sad.

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