The Matrix/Disney Heresy

Just before I submitted this piece, it occurred to me that “The Matrix/Weiner Heresy” would have been much more apt, but I didn’t have the noive.



  1. I remember the worst date I had in Steubenville was a double-feature at the drive-in. It was Atlantis followed by Pearl Harbor… the first being the adventure of the lost island where the life-force of the natives is their “collective emotion”, and the second being an overabundance of lust.


  2. I liken this to the 7/2 double headed beast. The 7yo, right before his first Reconciliation, can only see all the bad things he’s done. The 2yo is certain of his own perfection and gets all bent out of shape when things like gravity or undeveloped motor skills get in his way. Or at least that is my experience with this sort of thing…

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