I pretty much hate plastic surgery, but is it a sin?  Or  just a morally neutral act which will hasten the downfall of civilization?  Another objective analysis which will win me friends and warm feelings.



  1. some of my outlaws think coloring your hair falls in the plastic surgery category. My husband argues it’s no different than painting one’s nails (he does neither, by the way).

    by the way, I think I look a lot better with the face muscles relaxed, which is why a cocktail might become borderline cosmetic.

  2. Well, wouldn’t it depend on the type and purpose of the surgery? A lot of plastic surgery is not elective, but reconstructive—repairing defects of birth, disease, or trauma. Having a normal appearance is important for being able to interact normally with others, and reconstructive surgery also often restores function, such as normal eating.

    As for purely elective cosmetic procedures, there is the problem of bad motivations, pure vanity being a prominent, sin-drenched one. Another bad motivation is an attempt to treat some psychological problem that is causing a person real suffering. It’s my opinion that there is no psychological problem that can be cured by changing one’s appearance. Sometimes motivations are merely frivolous.

    Another important consideration is the risk of a procedure. Any procedure requiring general anesthesia carries substantial risk and should only be undertaken for a proportionately grave reason. On the other hand, the risk of, say, ear piercing is minimal; the risk of hair coloration is even less.

    Now I have never seen Nip/Tuck, but if it is about what I think it is about, then Simcha is right: it is either a sin or at least a contributor to the destruction of the human race. /hyperbole

  3. Is being face-blind a “thing?” That would really be a relief… This is something I thought I was just a little pre-Alzheimer-y on. I basically cope with people I run into in the grocery store in the same way my Grandmother hid her Alzheimers – I fake it and hope no one notices.

    Most people who’ve had lots of work done look such such monsters, though, that I think it would actually help me when it comes time to remember their face.

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