What’s so bad about Rudy Giuliani?


Nothin’ at all.



  1. Seriously? Nosferatu?

    Giuliani cleaned up our city. You ever walk in Time Square before him? Lots of people pine for the porn shop hustler street days there, like getting harassed and mugged somehow made them grittier New Yorkers, but please. I’ll take the Disneyfication any day.

    Not to mention, he took on the Mob at the docks, and WON. Who the hell does that? The man has brass.

    And yeah, he was definitely nanny-state about things, but Bloomberg is way worse, with all his transfat ridiculousness, bike everywhere, let’s turn into London and tax the downtown traffic silliness.

    I liked Giuliani. He made things a lot better here, in a lot of ways.

  2. I agree. I lived in NYC during the transitional years from Ed Koch to Rudy Giuliani, and while Rudy’s philandering was a disappointment, he did clean up the city, and that is no small accomplishment. It was disgusting, covered with graffiti, really foul, and dangerous. I’ll never forget noticing how, on Rudy’s watch, the subways no longer reeked of urine, and I didn’t spend my 50-block walk to work being hassled and kicking garbage out of my path.

  3. I’m sure I’d be grateful for his leadership if I lived in NY, but as a Catholic, I couldn’t vote for a candidate who is pro abortion and pro embryonic stem cell research. He wouldn’t even come out against partial birth abortion. Yeah, I’m a single-issue voter, if the issue is important enough!

  4. I live in NY. Brooklyn, to be exact.

    As a Catholic, I was forced to vote for Giuliani, a candidate who is pro-abortion, pro-embryonic stem cell research, and not opposed to partial birth abortion.

    My other options were David Dinkins and then Ruth Messinger, both of whom were vehemently pro-abortion. It would be unjust of me to comment on their embryonic stem cell research and partial birth abortion positions, because I’m not familiar with their opinions. I will go so far as to venture to guess that both would share Mayor Giuliani’s positions, given their track records on abortion “rights.”

    Of course, I could have sat the elections out, but I opted instead for what I truly believe was the lesser of two evils, by far. Giuliani did vastly improve the safety and livability of my native city, and there are hundreds of people who would have been murdered had he not. I doubt either of his opponents would have done anywhere near the job he did. I suspect that they would have instead put their energies primarily into pushing the pro-abortion agenda. Giuliani’s time was at least usefully occupied.

    That said, I most likely will sit out any Presidential election where he is the Republican presidental candidate. I am at this point of repulsion with what Mark Shea calls the Stupid Evil Party and the Evil Stupid Party:

    “No question now, what had happened to the faces of the pigs. The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”
    – George Orwell, Animal Farm, Ch. 10

  5. Went to live in Italy for awhile, but was a New Yorker during Lindsay, Koch, Dinkins, Giuliani & still am during the current moneybag reign.

    Quite true about RG’s accomplishing things no one thought possible when he was mayor; but the only cruelty in the photographs above is to Nosferatu given, for just one valid statistic among many other horrors, that in NYC black mothers are induced to have six of every ten children they conceive slaughtered at the local extermination camps.

    And before the power of Planned Parenthood & its genocidal racism, Rudy licked the spittle with more enthusiasm than the lowest porn star.

    And of course once the Trade Center came down, virtually his only public policy has been to exploit that atrocity for his own political advancement – which went & will go nowhere precisely because his exploitation of it all was too sickeningly obvious.

    So please. Give Nosferatu a break.

  6. I also lived in New York during the transition from Dinkins to Giuliani, and, as I have told people throughout the country whenever it has come up, I am really glad that he hasn’t yet come particularly close to recieving a Presidential nomination, because I am still able to respect him for what he did for that city. I wouldn’t neccesarily be opposed to him becoming Gov (I think it evidences something of a misunderstanding of his own political future that he didn’t run. I don’t believe he has much of a shot of becoming President, but he evidently thinks he does. Consequently, he has subjected New York State to Andy Cuomo….), though I wouldn’t have been happy had he won his Senate bid in the early part of this decade…. except that it would have meant that Hillary wouldn’t have won.

    Basically New York has had very little to be proud of, politically, since Gov. Clinton in the 1780s and 1790s. And maybe Teddy Roosevelt, because he was such a character.

  7. I am 54 years old, was born in NYC and have lived here nearly all my life. Guliani did NOTHING for the city.He rode the Wall Street wave and spent like a Democrat. He tried to tear down the High Line for his political donors. It has become an international atttraction. He was successful at plowing under many beloved communtiy gardens.

    Did he reform the dept of ed or take on the unions. NO. He gave them what they asked for just like every mayor other than Koch. While he did suppress freedom of expression by arresting bicyclists and peaceful protestors by the busload, he had little to do with the revival of Times Square. Morgan Stanley’s headquarters, 1585 Broadway and several other high profile buildings were already changing the neighborhood before he was elected. Time to stop drinking the Kool Aid. Rudy is just another morally bankrupt politian.

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