Oh crap, it’s not Monday!

So here, a bit LATE, is my Tuesday’s post for The Register, in which I Do Not Make Anyone Mad.  I hope.



  1. We were quizzed in the homily by the priest who met us at the back of the church just before the ceremony was to start (the pastor was called out on an emergency). The priest began his homily by asking, “why did you choose that Gospel?” My soon-to-be-husband offered, “I’ll let Claire speak for us.” The Gospel we had chosen from the booklet of suggestions: the Beatitudes . . . what on earth made him ask? Who knows! I cannot remember 32 years later what I replied but was assured later that my answer was good. And I, too, checked out the many oddities only to hear that it likely didn’t conform. We decided to stay married.

  2. *tumble weeds roll by*
    It does appear to be a blog in which You Did Not Upset Anyone, and it was lovely. I didn’t have a unity candle. Nor did I have a sand jar. I knew a couple who had a sand jar. They were on their second marriage. All the children and significant family members from each side had to take a little vial of coloured sand and tip it into one larger jar in turn. I think it was supposed to symbolise a beautiful new pattern emerging from the blending of the families. But it said two other things to me. It said “If you force all these different colours into one container and shake it up even a lil bit, you will get a chaos that you cannot sort out”. It also said “This blended family will grind people into sand”. It looks like my perspectives were accurate, having watched the chaos and grinding for two years, but they have a pretty jar to sit on the windowsill.

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