Podcast of me on the Son Rise Morning Show

You can find the podcast archived here — my ten minutes or so start at around minute 50.

I did manage to mention Curious George, which makes for good radio, I always say.  And apparently I am incapable of going more than five seconds without saying “absolutely.”  Could have been worse!


  1. Thanks for letting us know – I enjoyed that. I can particularly relate to relaxing a little more with each child. I often say my two youngest have been raised by wolves.

  2. That was great, Sim! Unfortunately, I had to listen to it in about 56 installments, thanks to loud, interruptive children.
    I thought you sounded wonderful and not weird in the least! I would have been scared to pieces to do a radio interview – especially at that hour! – and you sounded like a pro! Brava!

  3. Thanks for listening, guys! I had to listen to it in pieces, too. The host made it really easy, and I’m happy to have this experience under my belt – am thinking about trying to do at least some local speaking engagements, so I’m glad to know I can finish sentences and stuff.

  4. Huh. I apparently pictured you with a huskier voice than you actually have. 🙂

    It was a good 10 minutes.

    Out of curiosity, do you find that you are less sarcastic when speaking “in person” than when you are writing? (I think I’ve noticed that in myself, and your comment in the podcast about not saying those things in person made me think of it.)

  5. It was great! You sounded like a mother everyone wish for :-))
    P.S. You have a young, pleasant voice.

  6. Great job Simcha! It was wonderful to hear your voice. I hope we can find time to get together over the summer.

    I know that you are a wonderful mother, so it was comforting to me when you said that you often fail. It makes me put my failures in perspective, because I believe that you are being honest, and yet I see (well, I used to see when I saw you regularly, lol) that your children seem as if you never fail.

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