I’m the NnnnNOUNcer

Tomorrow, Friday, I’m going to be on the Son Rise Morning Show on Sacred Heart radio from about 6:50 to 7 a.m. (EST)   I’m filling in for Danielle Bean, who graciously asked me to sub for her before I made that Red Bull crack on the Register.

I will be talking with the host Brian Patrick about big families.  Seeing as I usually get up about ten minutes after the segment is scheduled to end, and seeing as how I generally spend the first hour of my day making feeble groaning noises, I’m assuming this will be one of my more shameful chapters of public life for me.  Last time I had a phone interview, I was so nervous I was actually panting.  So, yay, fun!  Come hear me make a fool of myself in my actual weird voice, instead of on the screen for a change!

You can listen on Sacred Heart Radio’s website or at EWTN or at Ave Maria Radio.  (I put several links because it’s a computer thing, so you never know.)

I really do have a weird voice.



  1. Hooray!! I’ll listen!
    And everyone thinks they have a weird voice. You don’t. It’s just how you sound to yourself. : )

  2. No, you do have a weird voice, but it’s compelling and hypnotic. I can still hear it saying ‘stump’ for the win when we played Pictionary one time and I drew a man with a peg leg instead of the pretty tree the others were drawing.

  3. Oh and I’m going to listen because it you will be on at 5:50am my time and I like to punish myself by cutting my legs with razors and rising early.

  4. And I think my blood sugar must be very high or very low. If you can mentally ignore either the ‘it’ or the ‘you’ in the above sentence, I’d be grateful.

  5. Do you realize how early (central time) I’ll have to get up to hear y our voice live (I’m sure you and Brian Patrick discussed how early mary Beth would have to get up to hear the show).

    compelling and hypnotic, huh?

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