Opus Dei: the Good, the Bad, and the Albino

Do you  have some experience with Opus Dei?  I’d like to hear from you.  (No, I’m not writing an article — I just thought it would be nice, after all the misinformation that flies around whenever a movie comes out, to hear from people whose lives have been affected by Opus Dei, either for better or for worse.)

Thanks so much for all the good wishes after our baby announcement!  You guys are great.  The only thing better than having a new baby is being surrounded by people who know it’s good news!


  1. Hi Simcha, I’m posting here so you can see my email address. I went to college with Tammy DiNicola – the woman who started ODAN. I could write a book about how wrong Opus Dei was for her. In fact, at that time I was certain she was headed for an emotional breakdown.

    I’d be happy to answer specific questions via email.

  2. My now husband (then boyfriend) was seeing an Opus Dei priest for his spiritual director, and the man during the first session, pumped him for information about me. Then the priest told him to dump me because I had a sad childhood (my mother died when I was seven and my father abandoned me — I was raised by my grandparents) and because I had made some poor sexual choices several years before I even met my now husband.

    Needless to say, my wonderful husband basically said, “Thanks but no thanks, crazy” and we got engaged about six months later.

    I’m sure not all the priests in OD are nearly as horrible at spiritual direction. Just my only experience with them.

  3. Oh, and also, one other thing. My husband’s best friend in law school had been very involved in OD before he met his girlfriend (now wife) who was also involved in OD. But apparently once they both discerned marriage and got engaged, nearly all of their OD friends dropped them. I only found this out when I asked my DH at their wedding why there were only about 5 friends of theirs (including us) attending their wedding.

    Also, one of my husband’s other friends in law school is a member of OD and lives in one of their houses. He is a wonderful guy and has been a good friend to my DH. It seems like a mixed bag, IMHO.

  4. I’ve attended Opus Dei retreats, had spiritual direction with priests of Opus Dei, attended evenings of recollection organized by Opus Dei, and have even been a Cooperator with Opus Dei for several years now. I’ve never had a negative experience with any of it; I’ve always received sound direction and advice that has helped me fulfill my Christian vocation. My wife has attended evenings of recollection and retreats as well and found it worthwhile.

    The basic point of Opus Dei is that our lives–our daily activities in the world, our work–can be offered to God and become a means of growing in holiness. Marriage and family is taken as a serious vocation. We are called to live for God not just on Sundays, and not just when doing churchy things, but with our whole selves, even in the ordinary and the mundane tasks of our particular situation in life.

  5. Hey, folks – I’m going to close comments here because I’m loving these responses, and would like to see this conversation over at The Register! Sorry I didn’t make that more clear (and if you don’t want to wade in there, I totally understand). Thanks!

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