Oh, I forgot–

Today at the Register I am, of course, talking about nudists at church.

As to the very fair question of whether or not my husband is now missing an eye — well, the best I can recall, the conversation went something like this:

Me and my husband:  We have lots of good reasons to postpone the next pregnancy.

[Repeat every month for two years.]

Me and my husband in March:  Welllllll . . . how about in May, we think about trying for #9?


 So I now have a due date of December 9, and everybody’s happy.  The kids constantly ask for updates — “Is Shrimpy still the size of a blueberry?  Or is he as big as a kidney bean now?  Can he hear me?  HEY SHRIMPY, CAN YOU HEAR ME?”  etc.  So, happy days.  Thanks for all the good wishes!  You guys are the best.



  1. This is probably the best baby announcement I’ve ever read. LOL. After the first few, the process of telling the public becomes so matter-of-fact! 😉

    • Aw, I wish it was mine – I haven’t even been to the doctor yet! I just did a Google search for “nine weeks fetus.” Oh, and if you plan to do a search like that, don’t forget: add “-abortion” “-aborted” and so on. My kids always want to see what our baby looks like this week, but you have to be really careful.

  2. All my husband and I had to say was, “Wouldn’t it be funny if we had another baby, I mean really, at our age?”. And God said the same thing, “DID SOMEONE SAY BABY?” So this funny, funny child, also my 9th, will be arriving in August.


  3. Oh, the same thing happened to us. I vividly remember admiring our second-born at 13 months old, as he pottered through the kitchen in his adorable footy pajamas, his hair in wild curls, and turning to my husband and saying, “Aw…let’s have another one.”

    He said, “Yeah, but let’s wait until he’s two to start trying.”

    Me: “Agreed.”

    God: “I HEARD BABY!” BOOM.

  4. Congratulations! I didn’t think I would have my ninth before you, but we’re due in late July. I caught the line in my Google reader “husband is now missing an eye” pounced on it to see if it meant what I thought it meant! God bless all of you!

  5. LOL! You have the best way of putting things, here and in the previous post. Congratulations!! That’s one lucky kid. 🙂

  6. Congratulations! Nine was my soccer number. I am compelled to mention this, because there is some obscure rule that states if you ever play a sport for more than two years, maintaining the same jersey number, you will forever after mention that fact whenever the number pops up.

    Also, I’ve tried to get everyone I know to name their baby “Coyote”, since my husband has thus far refused to even consider the name for one of ours. So if you’re interested, “Coyote Fisher” has a nice, rugged ring to it.

  7. Hahaha! *runs and tries to hide from God*

    God has a tendency to bless us with lessons in humility whenever we say things like “let’s try to wait two more years before the next one”. Though lately, he’s been blessing us with assistance in that goal, through the means of a baby who likes to wake up and cry whenever he hears bedsprings.

  8. Congratulations!!! Didn’t you say not too long ago that you were losing weight? That always does it for me – I lose 20 lbs and my body fills the void with a baby. 🙂

    Isn’t it funny, too, how what seems impossible to take on one month can, just a few weeks later, be a matter of course? I try to remind myself of that every time I start to hyperventilate at the thought of another baby.

  9. Wonderful news!!! Hope you’re feeling well.

    (and my husband just asked if your husband still had two eyes – LOL)

  10. Heehee, this is pretty much what happened with me and my husband who is 26 years older than I am. We were talking about our future together and the possibility of having children or adopting them. He said “I´m not sure if I can even conceive a baby at my age”, a week later God said “sher´ya can!”

    • Y’know, I knew you — or, rather, your husband — meant “beget”. But when I ran into, “He said ‘I´m not sure if I can even conceive a baby at my age,'” my first reaction was, “What is this, The Great Rabbit Test?” (Let’s see how many people get that reference ….)

      • When my husband announced that we were expecting the first time he sent around a text message that said, “we killed the rabbit”. Lots of confusion ensued.

        • Sorry, don´t get the reference, it´s either too old or too young for me. Does anyone ever use the word “beget” in normal laundromat or bus stop conversation anymore? I don´t think I´ve ever used it outside of church and I love three dollar Jane Austen words. My blog is full of them. Of course it could have been “conceive” in the other sense …as in “what is this baby thing you speak of?”…I don´t remember the exact word as it was in Spanish at the time.

  11. I am laughing at the timing of the eye post, when compared to your due date. The beauty of NFP is that you can change your mind…. now (or in a few weeks). Only, you can never… change… it… back………

    Apparently, the only correct way to announce your pregnancy is “Lo, I am with child. Thank you, oh head of household, for this greatest gift of marriage.”

    Try that. 😉

  12. Simcha, breaking commenting silence to let you know I’ll be praying for you daily throughout this pregnancy from Tokyo–so, you know, I’ve got the night shift covered.

  13. Wonderful news.
    Also: great google tip! I didn’t know you could “-” something in a search!
    What the world needs now is more Simchas!

  14. I am de-lurking to shout, ‘YOU ARE MARRIED TO THE JERK????!!!??’ I really am slow on the uptake. Congratulations to all!

  15. “DID SOMEONE SAY BABY?” — What a delightful characterization of the love of God. I’ve been kind of giggling about it all day. Thanks. And congratulations to you, Simcha.

  16. I had to laugh at God’s remark: Did someone say baby?
    Indeed, I sorta went through something like this last year. We had just gone through a pregnancy not too long ago (and my pregnancies are quite difficult. I have to go through cerclage surgery first and then have to have c-sections. My recovery is very painful for many reasons.. and long.) And of course, my husband and I were talking about the future and how we wanted to avoid at all costs another pregnancy (because of the difficulty in pregnancy and during recovery time… which I feel is so unfair because I can’t really do very much during the end of my pregnancy with the other children or during recovery afterwards..) but then my memories would get the best of me and I’d always add that “well, maybe someday we’ll want another baby.” And I’d start looking at baby pictures (even though we still have young ones at this point). And as if God took that conversation as a cue to give us another, He did. Alas, I will not say it has been a joyful experience. It has been a suffering experience (and I’m still on recovery) but because of Faith, I have to believe and offer it up.

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