Fear of Hell AND . . .

Hey, remember how I told you last week that, this week, we’d have a giveaway and a musical interlude?  Yeah, I don’t know what I was talking about.  But in lieu of whatever that was, I offer instead:

1.  My post at the Register, about whether fear of Hell is deterrent to bad behavior (quick answer:  no, but it does motivate you to go to confession).

2.  A teaser for this week’s Seven Quick Takes!  Oh, wait, now I have to think of another thing?  Okay — you are now TEASED!  I TEASE thee!  No, but seriously, you will like this one.  I do.  Friday.

3.  Okay, are you ready for this?  Especially you, you nice Jewish Catholic lady from Brooklyn who just subscribed to my blog and wrote me a really sweet note?  I ask you, ARE YOU READY?  Because tomorrow . . .

returns.  For those of you unfamiliar with The Jerk, click on the tag below to read some of his earlier columns.  He’s been on hiatus lately, but his parole officer and his therapist both agree that the more obtrusive of his sociopathic tendencies have been sufficiently masked that he can serve his original purpose on this blog:  namely, to make me look like less of a jerk in comparison.  And oh, he delivers.

UPDATE:  Hmmm, it has come to my attention that if you click on the tag below, all you get is ALL wordpress blogs that mention “jerk.”  That’s no good.  For posts by the REAL The Jerk, scroll down on the ride sidebar to the tag cloud and click on “The Jerk” there — that should do it.  Stupid WordPress.


  1. Let’s hope tomorrow’s post by The Jerk is another one of his movie reviews. I probably shouldn’t have such high hopes, but I can’t help it. I’m weird that way.

  2. Perhaps I shouldn’t admit this, but I found that little feature of WordPress some time ago when I tried the “fart” tag… or maybe it was the “butt” tag. My, there was quite the variety of sites returned for that.

  3. …Jewish/Catholic lady? When Spok talks about matter/anti-matter, well, is your life THAT explosive??

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