Just a reminder

Of what, I have no idea.  I was looking for an old draft, and found this post, titled, “Just a reminder” — but that was all I wrote.  Reminder of what?  Go to confession?  Buy mayonnaise?  Cancel the attack?  Let out the dog?  Turn out the light?  Shear the sheep?  Change the oil?  Feed the fish?   Light a single candle?  Trim my toenails?

Well, any suggestions would be appreciated, I guess.

In the mean time, you can check out my post today at the Register:  “What I learned when my kids went to school”and also yesterday’s post at the Register, “St. Anthony Wet House:  Cruel or Kind?”  which I forgot to link to, but I’m pretty sure that’s not what I was reminding any one about.

Sorry about the low level of blogging lately.  Feeling very under the weather this week, but hope to be more lively next week!

Oh:  does anyone else routinely have dreams that you lost the goldfish?



  1. Perhaps a reminder to watch/listen to something going on somewhere else (conference, podcast, online event)?


    I often have dreams that I’ve forgotten my budgie in another room for months and killed it by starvation.

    The funny thing is I will wake up and run frantically around to make sure my budgie is OK…only to remember that I do not even have a budgie. My last budgie died over 8 years ago.

    • My nightmare of choice is: I totally blow off a history class in undergrad (always the same class with a favorite professor). I don’t go to one class or take one exam (in reality, I did well in this class). So I wake up, wondering if I ever got my undergrad. I have a Master’s.

  2. Just a reminder not to let your kids see where you put the brand new 17oz chocolate bar you bought or you may find only 1oz the next time you open the package.

    I found some similarly vague notes a few months ago but there were pages of them. They sounded very deep and heartfelt but I have absolutely no idea what I was talking about. I wish I remembered because then I could claim that I am currently thinking deep thoughts along those lines. If I had ever done a lot of drugs it might be easier to understand not remembering…

  3. No, but I did dream last night about caterpillars that JUMPED to land on people’s skin, and then proceeded to latch on very tightly and emit small electrical zaps that were audible and mildly painful.

  4. No, I can’t say that I routinely have pet-related dreams.

    I did dream the other night that you, Renee, and I were off on some study-abroad program together. It wasn’t Rome; was some Anglosphere country I think.

    (Could have been Australia, I suppose…but then that wouldn’t have quite counted as a study-abroad for Renee, would it?)

      • The Jerk is an imaginary comic figure who is kidding, right?

        Or…maybe not.

        Probably best to kill this little comment thread. (I’d edit/delete my own comment if I could.) Before any commenters get killed.

        (Man, it’s been ages since I’ve had my life threatened. Though last time was scarier, since it involved actual professionals.)

  5. To hide.
    I don’t know from what, but that was my instant thought.
    To get your civil emergency pack ready? To pick up a child at a different time? You have a Drs appointment.

    Margaret: ooooh, am I going to have nightmares tonight.

    I dream I lose actual children. The panic, oh, the panic. I don’t know where I put them and they are always helpless, swaddled babies.

  6. I have had many dreams about losing goldfish. Often they swim right out of the tank and fly around in the air. But I only have these dreams when I’m pregnant, which makes total sense.

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