We need more sex education.

I’m making myself laugh today, anyway, over at The Register.



  1. Great article! On a less important note, the idea that so many liberal feminists (especially in the blog world, it seems) find themselves so irresistible to men is hilarious. And to republican men at that, ha!

    • No, there was really only one (rather persistent) brainwashed woman, but lots of people civilly and thoroughly demolished her arguments (“it’s just a clump of cells,” etc.).

    • I hope I wasn’t too civil. And I can’t structure paragraphs properly over there the way she did, which I’m sure only lends to her delusions that we all need abortions, stat.

      • No no, you were awesome! Damien and I reread it a few times out loud.

        To make paragraph in the Register comment box, I write a sentence, press “enter,” make a dash or a period or something, press “enter,” and then start the new paragraph – so it looks like:

        This is the end of the first paragraph.

        This is the beginning of the next one.

        • Ah. The secret is revealed. I can’t believe we are on the defensive over actual baby killing. It is probably the one thing I want to rip new assholes over. Big ones.

          “No, I don’t really want to prevent women from owning shoes and chain them to stoves in a horror show of natural law. I just don’t want babies to die.”

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