My son, the problem-solver.

7-year-old son:  BANG!  BANG!  BANG!  I’M A ZOMBIE KILLER!
5-year-old daughter:  Well, I’m not a zombie.
7-year-old son:  Wait here, I’ll get my other gun.


Also, my post is up at the Register:  Pro-Life Euphemisms:  What Do You Think?


Also, last day to enter in the contest! Email your answers to (sorry, I can’t seem to get WordPress to make that a live link).  I have to say, I think I figured it out from other clues around the house . . . and  NO ONE HAS GUESSED IT YET.  So go ahead and make a second guess, if you like.  If no one guesses it, I’ll just figure out some silly way of choosing a winner tomorrow.


  1. Ha! That’s so funny! Here’s one from our house yesterday…
    Andrew, running through the livingroom: “I’m Bowser!”
    Joshua, without hesitation, winds up and socks Andrew square in the chest.
    Andrew, crying.
    Me: “Joshua!! Why did you do that??”
    Joshua, blank look of disbelief in his eyes: “I’m Wigi (Luigi)! That’s what you have to do to Bowser – – smash him HARD!”

    So we had a discussion about “real” vs. “pretend”.

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