But first, come see my Register doo-dah, doo-dah, called “Is the world getting worse?”  Short answer:  no.  Long answer:  well, go see!

I had the misfortune to somehow accidentally post this piece yesterday, but didn’t realize it until someone who disagreed with me left a comment.  So I took the post down, and then had the lovely time-warping experience of being able to craft a reply to the comment that will be reappearing today.  Ha ha!

In other news, I am planning a CONTEST.  With a PRIZE.  That doesn’t SUCK.  Stay tuned, and I will announce it tomorrow!  How delightfully gimmicky!  How pointlessly suspenseful!  How I wish someone were cleaning my bathroom while I waste time on stuff like this!


  1. Simcha! I will gladly put my nesting to good use cleaning your bathroom! Hahaha. I spent four days – FOUR! – cleaning my own. And now, I can’t go a few days without resorting to redoing the whole thing. It’s never clean enough!!

  2. Ooooh. A Contest! I love contests! But, if I were you, I wouldn’t be giving away a prize that doesn’t suck – I’d be selling it on Craig’s List and putting whatever proceeds I got into a cleaning lady fund.

    No matter how small a contribution, it all adds up – The trick, easier said than done, is not to tap the cleaning lady fund to pay for somebody’s class trip, or the electric bill, or any other expense that couldn’t possibly be as sanity saving for an overwhelmed mother.

  3. The last time you gave away a prize, it was written about in your post on snappy comebacks to the tedious “wow, that’s a lot of kids” comments.

    The prize was “a delicious baby”, and it struck me as so hilarious that “congratulations, you’ve won a delicious baby” has now become part of our family lexicon.

  4. This better not be a contest where the winner has to be someone who doesn’t know you. In fact, can I just be the winner? Wait… I’ll send you a private email about this and we can work out the details… make it look legit, and all.

  5. Could the prize be cleaning my bathroom? Not that it would matter since I don’t really clean them – I spray cleaner everywhere – the baby comes and tries to lick it up – and so I close the door and leave. When I go back several hours later, it smells good and I decide it wasn’t as bad as I thought. (I take the baby with me when I leave).

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