My wild girl got hurt this morning.

This morning,  my three-year-old daughter apparently decided that, while she was waiting for me to wake up, she’d just go into the attic and jump around for a while.  Only she accidentally jumped on the trap door in the attic floor.  So I, sleeping in the room below, woke up to see her dropping from the ceiling onto the bedroom floor.

She’s okay, but has a really bad cut on her face.  We spent a few hours in the local ER, and now she and my husband are enroute to a plastic surgeon at a different hospital, an hour and a half from here.

I am very, very grateful that it wasn’t a worse injury.  She fell at least ten feet.  The poor thing can’t eat or drink until after they stitch her up (they will have to sedate her), and I can’t imagine that they’ll get that done until 3 PM at the very soonest.  Poor little baby.  She is so beautiful, so little.  I don’t know how mothers of heart patients and others deal with this.  I keep thinking about her little body falling and hitting the floor, and I keep seeing that terrible breach in her soft little face.  Anyway, she is okay, and going to be okay.

Grateful for good hospitals, excellent state insurance, kind nurses, cars that run, a husband who will know how to keep my baby happy and distracted, and no broken bones or apparent brain injury — not even a loose tooth.



  1. Poor kiddo! Prayers for a smooth procedure, and for your entire family’s peace of mind.

    (I have a three-year-old too, and I can easily see him getting into a similar situation…)

  2. wow! Prayers! My daughter fell face first into the corner of our coffee table when she was 2.5 yrs old and completely severed the base of her nose straight across (the “philtrim”) it was not pretty. Only 4 stitches but it was not fun. It was also only about a month after her recovery from bilateral cochlear implant surgery. I felt SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad for her.

    Like you, for a long time after I just kept seeing her injured face over and over….it was pretty upsetting. 😦

  3. So scary! It’s the little intercessions, those things you mentioned, that matter so much in the day to day of gratitude. Drink something warm, take deep breaths, pray out loud – we’re praying with you (and of course for you).

  4. Oh Simcha, prayers are coming! She will most likely forget this, but you won’t ever – so extra prayers are coming YOUR way. I am a mother of one of those heart patients. Couldn’t have done it without our Mama Mary holding me the whole way. She’ll be wrapping you up in her arms today.

  5. Oh, no – I will be praying for your family.

    I’m not sure how much you want to hear about other kids’ accidents, but in the hope that it’s some comfort to hear that she’s not the first or the last and that most escape without permanent remembrances of the accident… My youngest sister fell into a firepit full of hot ashes at about that age, while we were camping and got second and third degree burns on her dominant hand, so they had to anesthetize her to cut off the dead skin. There was no permanent damage. She even still likes camping.

    • When I was two I got the brilliant idea to reach into the open oven (my mom was baking bread) and touch the pretty red coils inside the oven.

      Ended up with 2nd and 3rd degree burns on my hand, but I have no memory of the pain, just the open oven, and no scars.

      My mom claims that that incident was the traumatizing event responsible for her giving up baking for good.

  6. Ohhh! Poor baby! Poor Mamma (are your knees still all mushy?)

    Yes, we could all tell you stories. And it always happens in slow motion (even though, it actually only takes seconds) so that we replay it and replay it and wonder why we couldn’t stop it. Actually, I am now wondering what my three year old is up to at this moment.

    Because, despite all our press, moms are only human.

    Give yourself this time to take a deep breath (you are already praising God for what went right-you go girl!). Soon enough you will have a very irritable little girl at home to dote upon and love up!

    Praying for you both, Simcha dear.

  7. I will be thinking of you both today! Hope the recovery is quick. Luckily they are pretty resilient, but I agree with others who said you have to take care of yourself today, too. That way you can be refreshed and ready to help her when she gets home.

  8. We’re praying for her (and her mommy and daddy) here at our house. May Our Lady continue to watch over her and care for her. My 15 dd is offering up her knee pains for your baby.

  9. 3 year olds are seriously the “WORST”!!! We had to take our current 3yo to the hospital twice in about 5 weeks last November/December for head injuries (concussion and serious cut that required 4 staples, respectively). Everyone gripes about the “terrible 2s”, but at least they aren’t yet coordinated or clever enough to do the things that 3yos manage. I’m glad to hear she suffered no major injuries! Hang in there! It’s a tough job keeping these little people alive! Prayers headed your way.

  10. Eek! The mental replays are not fun after a little one is hurt. When I was 12 I tripped and sliced my lip the whole way through on a table corner and my tooth was sticking out through my lip and the skin below…now it’s barely noticeable. She should heal a lot better at 3 than I did at 12. 🙂

  11. This is the reason why my 4 year old is ‘locked in’ at night (a hook and eye that ‘locks’ the door, keeping it 3 inches open).

    When I found my little boy in the pantry eating something (he could have choked!) at 5 am- I knew I had to do something- and even with a family bed, little ones can sneak out and make havoc- prayers for your girl

  12. Oh no! We had a similar situation recently—on Epiphany Day of all days. Both my husband and I were just out of eyesight when our four year old managed to flip his chair backwards from the table, and his head met the hinge on the pantry door, the hinge that so helpfully sticks out.

    Amazingly he had no bruises on his back (though the chair rungs along the back of the chair were all popped out) but he had a 2 cm gash in the back of his head, a gash that went down to the fatty layer. I don’t think our family has ever gotten into the car that quickly; I grabbed the injured party and told my husband he was responsible for insurance cards and driving; told the other kids to get their shoes on, grab their coats and get into the car. We ended up spending Epiphany evening from 3 til nearly 8 pm in the ER.

    We were also very grateful for proximity to a hospital, even if their ER has dumb slippery marble floors that my shoeless wounded warrior insisted on running on; for a family that comes together in an emergency, and that the kid managed to escape without a concussion.

    Funnily enough, that day had been so horrible anyway up till then…it took the accident to make us aware of what really mattered and how much we actually do appreciate each other.

    Sorry. This is about you and your little one, not me. Like you, I kept running through the worse things that could have happened–like an eye being put out by the hinge, or whatnot. So glad your wee one is okay.

  13. What a wake up call…I wouldn’t put that past my kids. I’m glad they don’t know what the attic is or where it is. Like Priest’s Wife our kids are locked in. Partly because Shelby is tall enough to unlock all the doors and with autism she has no fear. Also we have had incidences where children have awoken in the middle of the night and done things like broken eggs on our kitchen floor and we slept right through it (our bedrooms is next to the kitchen too). But those are rather minor issues in retrospect. I hope she’s been seen and stitched up and had a snack by now. Poor baby and poor Mama!

  14. OK, besides the horror of waking up that way – yikes! – there is all the other stuff.

    I was one of those kids, too. Put my arm through a wringer washer, almost tore the nose off my face another time, etc, etc. Broken bones and stitches up until I was in high school.

    Moral of the story: some kids are like that – and all you can do is pray and carry good insurance.

    And I’m still ticking at the age my friends are turning into grandparents.

  15. There but for the grace of God… Our 3 yr old wild child has yet to actually get injured while doing something like this, though when she was 2 I spent a whole Saturday (while my husband was in Paris on a business trip) with her and her older brother and my heavily pregnant belly, because she got hold of a box of nails and sprinkled them ALL evenly over her entire bedroom and then ate TWO. I’m keeping that x-ray forever, and will show it to either her prospective husband or her prospective religious order as an example of her… shall we call it dogged persistence? 😉

    Although right now I worry more about my 20 month old mountain climber….

  16. Thank God for Guardian Angels!
    (And, perhaps, she learned something about jumping in the attic? One could hope.)
    Prayers for you and your family.

  17. Faces are the worst. Waking up to a falling child . . . that is like a nightmare. For real. Wow. Prayers! We all have our stories. Guardian angels are busy folk. Hope she had a gentle day of treatment and is working on a quick recovery!

  18. […] Here’s a picture of her, so you can see how well she’s doing.  She was hiding in a tent, so I said, “Lucy, come out so I can take a picture of you!”  She scrambled out, grinning and covered with magic marker (I’m hoping).  I was going to wash it off for the picture, but this is, after all, SO Lucy.  This is what she looks like less than a week after her terrible fall: […]

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