Lucy update: awake, coming home soon

Thanks again for all the prayers and good wishes.  My husband says her stitches look really, really good, and she is finally awake, so they will be leaving the hospital soon.  He said that the drug they gave her has the side effect of vivid dreams.  This is a kid who lives life 200% more vividly than most people already, so I hate to think.


  1. Are you handy with a drill and screw driver? This would be the time to install the hook-and-eye lock another poster mentioned. There’s nothing scarier (for a host of reasons) than a child wandering through a dark and sleeping house, full of vivid dreams and nocturnal walking.
    Trust me on this one.

  2. So glad Lucy’s okay. During our childhood emergencies, my mother would kick into her “Isn’t this the bee’s knees?!” mode, which even then I found strange–charming too, but strange. Now I understand. You have to get through it without losing it. You and Damien did great!

  3. I’m glad things went ok. I prayed for a restful night for all of you and will continue to pray for your little Lucy.

  4. I only just came into the updates. I’m so glad she is going to be OK, and sending up prayers of thanksgiving and requests for quick healing and perseverance for you! Because a kid that active – it’s going to be so much fun keeping her from messing up her stitches. (Coming from a mom who also has a 200% kid who had stitches in his face last year. Sigh.)

  5. Speaking of medication-induced dreams … my daughter had open-heart surgery and the anesthesia often gives a person hallucinations. For awhile there as the anesthesia was wearing off, she thought all the wires and tubes were for tying her to the wall so the nurses could poison her. It wasn’t funny then, and I guess it probably doesn’t sound funny to a lot of people, but daughter recovered textbook and is just fine now, so we laugh about it. Then there was my FIL who had surgery and his anesthesia hallucination was that there were hotdogs hanging from the ICU ceiling … much funnier, eh? Glad your little is OK 🙂

  6. *throws in another vote for sleeping with/near Mommy and Daddy tonight.

    I’m glad Lucy’s coming home. It’s hard to worry about your kids properly when you can’t see them.

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