No, not the one from Xena, Warrior Princess that I couldn’t put a picture of on a nice Catholic blog because she seems to have misplaced her wardrobe.  Varia like “thisa and thata,” but more literary!  Me write stuff!

1.  Check out my quickie post, “Every Part of the Buffalo,” on the Register today, if only for the very nice picture of a buffalo.

2.  Today in the mail, I got my copy of Our Sunday Visitor with my guest column “The Abortion Industry Is Blowing Smoke” in it.  If you are a subscriber to OSV, you can read this essay here.  If only for the very nice picture of me smiling with my teeth showing for once!

3.  My industrious and talented brother, Joseph Prever, has an excellent piece about sacrifice and suffering up at Catholic Phoenix:  “Deep Magic:  The ‘Physics’ of Sacrifice.

The fact that voluntary suffering is spiritually efficacious is no less than a spiritual law, in almost exactly the same sense that gravity is a physical law.
That is to say, it’s not a rule in the same sense that soccer has rules. It’sdescriptive rather than prescriptive. It is the way the world works. If we are surprised that the spiritual world should have rules, it is because we have forgotten that the spiritual world is no less real, no less objective, than the physical world. More so, if anything.

4.  Even though I thought that Scent of a Woman was a big stinky stinkfest, others disagree — and draw out some social and political lessons from this stinky stinkfest of a stink movie.  Check out this blog, Noman Says, if your blood needs some angrying up!

Well, I thought I might come up with seven quick takes, but I didn’t, so you’ll have to settle for four tangentially self-promoting links.

Bye, happy weekend, and remember not to eat that leftover corned beef until tomorrow.



  1. Simcha, I love your buffalo post . A good friend recently told me that she reads Mormon housewife blogs now, because Catholic ones are “too whiny” whereas the Mormon blogs are sunny and cheerful. I suspect that like angelic facebook posts about clean houses, there is often though not always darkness lurking beneath the super sunny blogs. You on the other hand look suffering straight in the eye, not shirking from it, but with a sense of humor that consistently makes me laugh and think and pray. There is a sense of love and depth and wry humor in your writing, and I love it.

  2. This is random, but yesterday, I was in serious pain. I sat my hefty 9 month pregnant hiney into a chair and said aloud [to myself] “I have to sit down.”

    And laughed [again to myself]. And thought of you. So thanks for making my painful day a little brighter!

      • April 20. 1 month to go – apparently pregnancy is 10 months and they lie to you. This is my second though, so you’d think I’d have expected this. It was all my fault for trying to be a sweet wife and bake St. Patrick’s Day cookies. That’s what I get for being nice.

        • Yes, I’m hobbling around, punished for tossing a football around for about eleven minutes yesterday (and I”m not pregnant – no excuse for being this out of shape!).

          April 20 is a nice time to have a baby – at least you won’t have to be pregnant in the heat!

  3. Utterly random, but I found it amusing. I’m traveling and not on my usual computer. Looking for my Simcha fix, I got as far as typing Simcha Fi… into Google. First suggestion was Simcha Fisher. Next suggestion was Simcha Fisher pants.

    I’m just sayin’… 🙂

  4. This is why I don’t do 7 Quick Takes on my blog all that often. It’s hard work finding 7 things to write about and then link them all together somehow.

    My husband is like one of those buffalo people. I say to him “I need a broken piece of a hanger, some red sparkly thread newspaper from 1985, a snoopy bandage and a cat brush for a thing I’m doing” and he says “Yeah I got that, hold on…” I love that man…

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