Double double this this

Double double that that
Double this
Double that
Double double this that.

Phew, now I feel better.  I’ve been listening to that chant for many a day now, and I’d just like to make it perfectly clear to the director of the school that, for every time I hear my kids start up again with the “double double this this, ” I deduct ten dollars from the hefty endowment I was thinking of maybe some day leaving to the school, where they learned the silly thing.  Think about it!  Get control of your school, lady.  This is madness.

Okay, second:  we saw a super duper movie on Sunday:  Insomnia from 2002, with Al Pacino, Robin Williams, and Hilary Swank, and directed by Christopher Nolan, who did the wonderful Batman movies.  So today at the Register, I’m talking about what a good movie it is for Lent. Old sins!  Compromise!  Doubt, confession, and redemption!  And Robin Williams finally playing a creepy murderer, like he should’ve all along; and Al Pacino actually acts, instead of just acting like Al Pacino.

image source

Come tell me what you think. I don’t believe any harumphing will be necessary, but you never know — better bring a couple along just in case.

Third:  come see my charming and talented nephew, the ebullient Baron Torres as he launches himself into the horrible world of blogging for west and wewaxation!  “The Noble Bard: Music, sports, Catholicism and a whole lot more!”

What, you’re too busy?  Come on, it’s Tuesday.

You know, I think I finally have that stupid chant out of my head.  Now the only thing I’m thinking of is . . .

Gimme an X, gimme an O
Gimme a three in a row.

Echh, well, there are worse ways for kids to spend their time.  They could be doing drugs.  Or blogging.



  1. Hee hee! I know that chant! Maddi was tickled pink that I could (and would) do the hand motions with her!
    And that movie looks scary. I’m a baby.

  2. Oh I hated that movie… I saw that in the theatre with a friend back when I was in high school and I just remember coming out of the movie feeling like I should go drown some kittens or OD on some pain killers or something. But then again that was a while back in my cheerful youth. I’m sure your article is wonderful like all your writing Simcha, but I will pass on that movie again.

    • Oh, that’s a shame! I thought it was a really hopeful movie, actually — it didn’t claim that doing the right thing is easy, but that there is still a huge value in keeping your heart and intentions pure — and he passed the lesson on to the next generation before it was too late.

      I guess I do gravitate toward darker movies, but I think some people saw this one as nihilistic or something, and it certainly wasn’t that.

  3. I *LOVE* this movie. So does my husband. This was actually the movie we saw for our first date. Awww. And I grew up in Alaska, so…I have a soft spot for movies that are in any way about AK. Plus…Pacino!

  4. How weird! Had JUST put that movie on my Netflix queue a couple of days ago! Glad to get the extra endorsement, as it looked pretty interesting to me.

  5. I think I’ve seen this, but I couldn’t swear to it – my husband is always complaining that Netflix doesn’t have anything but chic movies on instant play, I’ll surprise him with this one.

  6. Double Double:
    Alas, I thought maybe an In-and-Out Burger had made to the wilds of NH

    Just some California Dreamin’

  7. Hey Baron–

    You might want to spell the name of your blog correctly when you hotlink it to your name in the combox… 🙂

    • No need to apologize, it would just be a shame to put the work into blogging and then point potential readers into the ether… 🙂

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