My Love Is Like a Big Red Dog

My kids are pretty, pretty smart.  But not quite as smart as I think they are.

One time, for instance, we were listening to a Danny Kaye song about “they’ll never outfox the fox!”  It goes on to marvel over the exploits of a dashing young scoundrel:

Whenever they try to find me
They find me where I am not
I’m hither and yon, I’m there and gone, I’m Johnny-not-on-the spot!
(He whistles as he jump to a low tree branch)
I’m out on a limb they think!
(He whistles again, jumping down)
I’m down on the ground in a wink
My enemies say “Gadzooks! It’s spooks!”
Shivering in their socks
They know that they’ll never, I’m far to clever
They’ll never outfox the Fox!

The toddler at the time said something like, “He singin’ ’bout Wobbin Hood.”  OH MY STARS! I thought.  What an intelligent child!  She extrapolated from the mention of all this clever, limb-jumping derring-do, and made the assumption that this song was about Robin Hood — when it’s actually about a very Robin Hood-like character, The Fox.

Then I suddenly recalled that we had just watched Disney’s Robin Hood, in which the main character is . . . a fox.  All that was going on was that when the kid heard Danny Kaye sing, “The Fox!  The Fox!” she figured he was talking about “the fox, the fox.”  Not a bad assumption, but not especially brilliant, either.

I never learn.  Today, my dear baby, who is the smartiest-whartiest baby in the whole wide world,  oh yes she is, came up to me and said, “Doggie have nursies!”

What an intelligent child!  I marvelled all over again.  We don’t even have a dog, but somehow she divined that they are mammals!  I wonder what slight clue was enough for her agile little mind, so that she understood that female dogs nourish their young with, as she so preciously calls them, “nursies.”

Then I saw the picture of the doggie she had in mind:

Yep.  To those with nursies on the brain, it sure do have nursies.

Bet you never look at Clifford the same way again.


  1. When my youngest was little, he insisted he was the oldest person in the family. I thought it was because of the way a young child perceives time–he felt ancient. Turns out it was because he’s child number seven, which is the highest number of all the children.

  2. Laughed out loud. But uf they are that red, I’d be worried about mastitis . . . .

    Just left attending the first stop on the “Defund Planned Parenthood” tour. All pumped up. Brought down to earth by my nineteen year old who says “Lila Rose is hot”.

    Well, she is.

    (He was praying in front of PP on Saturday, so he gets points for commitment to the actual cause).

  3. Who would have EVER thought one could be visually “scarred” by Clifford???!!!! You’re, right, I’ll never see him the same way ever again! WAAYYY too funny!

  4. My daughter, looking over my shoulder as I opened your blog: “Mama, that statue there has such big, fat nursies!” Love it!

  5. Our oldest began eating ‘regular breakfast’ about the same time as our 3rd was nursing.

    So, knowing all about regular breakfast, she proclaimed that she knew what #3 kid was eating: OJ from the left, milk from the right.

    ….It was funnier when she said it….

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