When someone is wrong on the internet

Okay, this time I’m going to ask you guys NOT to go over and see my new post at the Register.  It’s about how a Catholic should comport him or herself when arguing online.  I’m kind of depending on people not knowing me too well, to make this one fly.

Happy Friday!  Holy crap, Lent is coming up!  And my son is having an alien-themed birthday party this weekend!  And the toilet is frozen again!  I gotta get moving.  But first, I just wanted to remind you NOT to check out my other post today.



  1. Your toilet is FROZEN? You mean your sewer line? From the frozen, Canadian north I offer you three words: spring. is. coming.

  2. Thanks for not wasting my time! One less post to read.

    Make sure to do this with any other posts in the future you dont want us to read, it really does save us a lot of time and effort.

  3. Admit it- The Jerk wrote that piece. Not you.

    And slightly to the south of you, in balmy Connecticut, we are also seeing some patches of bare ground. I think that’s what you call that not-snow thing on the ground.

  4. Oh goodness, this post just made me laugh! Yes, of course the toilet is frozen while you are planning a party! Life with little ones, it’s a blessing (and something to laugh at) 🙂

  5. Oops! Figures that I finally made good on my intention to comment at ncr and I shouldn’t have. Sorry! I said the piece was rubbish anyway. Does that help?

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